How to write research paper


A research paper is an article that aims to be published in academic journals as it either contains original research results or reviews existing results. They are generally thesis driven exploration of thoughtful reading on a particular subject. These reading are often from different sources. The purpose of research papers are to encourage students to find data, participate in the understanding of the data, make original observations, show relationships between relevant data, and make evaluations on a topic.

In order to create a proper research paper, a lot of information is needed. Which means students should read additional sources such as books, magazines and journal articles as well newspapers, and online journals in order to locate facts or ideas which help explain, clarify, and add additional information or evidence to the main point. The paper should be formatted according to the MLA or APA format, but it is better to confirm with the specific professor. When citing sources, student should use one of three ways to cite other people’s work: use of a direct quote, a paraphrase, or a summary. Whether directly stated, re-worded or summarized, an author’s words must be acknowledged as a source material.

Students should ensure that they have a solid thesis for their research paper and that they are writing in the 3rd person perspective. They should use an elaborated vocabulary that best describes their research and should try to radiate their views as clearly as possible.

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