Ensuring you have the ideal advertisement for your vacancy is crucial for ensuring you get ideal person for your business. How should you structure it? Do you keep it short and to the point or fully detailed?


Before you start to write your vacancy advert consider who you think might be applying. Might they have been in a very similar job or could they come from a totally different industry? Will they need very specific qualifications or will relevant experience suffice? When you have this clearly in your mind you can adapt your job advertising to suit. In my opinion, you should keep your job description as concise as possible.

It is important to keep in mind that you must also ‘sell’ your company and the vacancy as much as potential applicants will eventually sell themselves to you. Quality applicants may look at a long-winded dry job description and apply for roles elsewhere.


I would recommend that you start with a striking heading which states the job title, location and the salary, where possible. Under this you should have a ‘hook’ line. This should be something that grabs the attention and gets people to read on. You could then include a small amount of key information about your organization. The next paragraph should contain the main responsibilities and duties of the vacancy followed by a paragraph on what the ideal candidate be like. Try to refrain from putting lots of text in capital letters; there is no need to ‘shout’ your advert. Also refrain from using large blocks of text by breaking it up where possible. Try to put things in bullet points for straight forward reading and keep them as simple as the job allows.

My example of a well laid out, fictitious, role advertisement is as follows:


£20,000 OTE

Are you fantastic with people and looking for a new challenge?

Chichester Advertising is the most successful recruitment advertising business in the South of England and owing to our rapid expansion we now seek new and dynamic staff to join our friendly team.

This varied role includes:

• The following up of sales leads

• Advising clients on their advertising

• Attending advertising conferences

• Pitching our advertising to potential customers

The ideal candidate will:

• Be great with all types of people

• Be confident and friendly

• Sales background preferred but not essential

• Hold a full driving licence

If this sounds like the right job for you then we look forward to hearing from you soon.


Be mindful to adhere to your legal obligations when writing your advertisement. It is important not to put in any words which violate the Age, Sex, Disability or Race Discrimination Acts. Consider the implications of any adjective you use. For example, ‘energetic’ could be seen to discount older applicants. You should also place the words ‘or equivalent’ next to qualifications such as ‘GCSE’ as it could be considered to discriminate against those born outside the UK.

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