Many scholarships require you to  write  an  essay  in order to fall into the running for consideration. That’s why, if you’re the sort of person who panics at the prospects of completing a  writing  assignment, your chances of winning a scholarship can be seriously diminished.

Most winning scholarship  essays  exhibit particular qualities that put it at a high standing in the eyes of the people judging the candidates. If you want to find yourself in this category, try to make sure your  essays  fall in line with these characteristics:

  • A deeply  personal  connection. Show how defining experiences in your life lead you to the conclusions you bring up in your  essay . They’re looking to get an idea of how you think and reflect about events in your life – this demonstrates it.
  • Link the following three areas together:  personal  experiences, academic performance and future goals. More than scoring high grade-point averages in your classes, it’s important for scholarship judges to know what you intend to do with your education in the future.
  • Be interesting. Your  essay  reflects on you. The more interesting it is, the more interesting the judges will find you. This is crucial if you want to get an interview.
  • Don’t be perfect. If you claim to know everything, there’s a  good  chance you’ll end up turning judges off. Don’t pretend to know it all. Instead, reveal your doubts and apprehensions, all while showing appreciation for the challenges before you.
  • Use the  essay  to show gratitude for everyone and everything that helped you become the person you are now.
  •  Write  it  well . You don’t have to look like a literary genius (unless you’re applying for a literary scholarship), but good writing is necessary if you want to be taken seriously. Spend time revising your work for clarity and content, apart from using a good English writing software.


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