Hubze Review


Hubze is the brainchild of David Foster, CEO and is currently still in the pre-launch stage. As a company, it first started out being called “Moneza” but this was changed a week later as it was felt that its name implied that it was all about making money. It is a social networking tool that will give an individual access to all of their social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with just one click of a button. Alongside this, the company are offering an affiliate program. Users will be able to update all of their sites in one hit, send instant messages, track other members and a geo map will also show other members exactly where you are. As more people are discovering the power of social media sites, having access to a whole bunch of them under one roof, makes it a very attractive tool for business users to reach out to new and existing customers. David Foster has also recently announced that customers will be able to customize their Facebook fan/group pages which again is a very exciting feature.

People wishing to use the site will need to register for a FREE Hubze card, which is a sort of ID card on which they will enter all of their data necessary to set up their account. The money making opportunity will be to enroll new members to the scheme and build a successful and active downline. Although terms do not seem to have been finalized yet, it appears that the compensation plan will be a binary system with 3 entry levels and 6 income streams. In order to benefit from commissions, card holders will need to upgrade to either the basic level, costing $29.97 per month and which includes an auto responder, sales page, advanced blog and a contact manager, mid level $49.97 (details not yet released) or pro level at $69.97 (details not yet released).

This all sounds very exciting and sounds as if Hubze will be a very useful tool for promoting a business. Whether or not it is a good money making opportunity remains to be seen. As with any affiliate opportunity, success will depend on the individuals marketing and leadership skills. However, even if you don’t succeed in the affiliate side of things, the actual social networking potential sounds tremendous.


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