Hypothetically Speaking, You Are Assigned To A Committee Of Three To Decide On A Dress Code For Campbellsville University Staff And Faculty. Only Two Of The Three Votes Are Required To Pass This Policy. In This Situation You Are One Of The Two Agreeing To

Dress code in an organization or academic place makes people uniform irrespective of all the other factors behind every person and displays a common purpose of everyone towards the same goal. It indicates a sense of strength for everyone as a team working together either to achieve a goal or to learn something. The dress code simply breaks the differences between people and makes them look alike.

As one of the committee member to decide on a dress code for Campbellsville University, It is necessary to get the support of each member of the committee to make the policy successful. In terms of making a change, the opinion and interest of each member of the committee should be considered and treated as a asset for making the change. As everyone’s opinion cannot be same we have to go with the opinion which maximum number of people has voted for but at the same time it is necessary to get the support from the other party as well, as they also represent a group of people in the organization.

In order to initiate the policy on deciding the dress code and make this change positive for everyone it is necessary to attain the support of the other party as well by satisfying some of their concerns and making them as a part of initiating the policy. Firstly it is necessary to overcome the communication breakdown which means we have to make them understand why the change is necessary and in what way it is positive for the organization and tries to make them question about their stand of opposing the policy. In case of any change, each person’s way of reaction will be different some might agree and some might not this is because their perspective depends on how it is going to affect them personally. Here we have to address their concerns of what they are going to lose and make them satisfy by making the changes according to them so that they will be agreeable.

After making them comfortable with the policy of the dress code, we have to make them involve in designing the dress. Now everyone can work as a team and come up with a better dress code which can make the faculty and staff more motivated towards their goal. While working towards this policy it is necessary to make sure that the change is moving in the positive direction, which means making sure all the staff and faculty are happy with their dress code and they feel much alike irrespective of all their differences as the faculty and staff in the Campbellsville University are from different nations and have unique style for each person where this dress code makes them as a team of Campbellsville University irrespective of all the other factors.


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