For instance, take, the first time, the office was computerized. All received training, albeit it minimal, Nelly entered the wrong information a few times, as some of the others did. But Nelly was singled out and told, “you’ll never move up, because you can’t do anything right.” This is exactly what she says to herself, “I can never do anything right.” She’s as hard on herself as everyone else is. Let’s not leave out Dainty Della. Della is not very athletic, and no matter how hard she tries she cannot master anything athletic. She’s what is commonly known as the “person with two left feet.” On the playground she can’t jump rope, or even hopscotch. Poor Della wants so much to fit in with her “friends,” so she attempts every athletic feat that her “friends” participates in. No matter what she tries she feel inadequate and her “friends” give her no relief.

Their taunt is, “that Della, she can never do anything right.” For instance once when the group was performing a simple exercise of jump rope, oh did I mention that this was a competition between two groups. And you must know that no one wanted Della on their team. Well, the team that unfortunately got Della was disappointed. Poor Della didn’t disappoint she failed miserably, costing her team the win. The lament of all in attendance, ” That Della, can never do anything right.” Of course Della feels the same way. In the case of Doubtful Dennis, does his father and mother, know what they are doing to Dennis? This can be a lifelong problem and without support, it will be. If his father expects to have a son that he can be proud of, he’ll have to begin by allowing Dennis to grow normally with his support. When Bobby does something wrong, instead of finishing it himself, he should patiently show him until he gets it.

If Bobby can’t seem to master a particular task, find one that he can, and help him to with that one. And mother should support both her husband and her son. Mothers and Fathers Unite and give support to your young ones, to help build self esteem. Dennis could try to have a talk with someone that possible understands him. Of course, he is rather young and maybe he doesn’t know who to go to. He could begin with his parents, or maybe a teacher. An observant adult could try approaching Dennis and encouraging him to open up, or maybe approach the parents. Remember the saying, “it takes a village.” Well this could be one time that the “village” could step in and lend a helping hand. What about Beaten Down Bobby. Bobby’s big mistake was to begin something that he couldn’t keep up. Hindsight, they say, is 20/20, so in hindsight Bobby realizes that he should not have been so free with gifts before their marriage. However, now that he has, he needs to develop a backbone and stand up to Noreen, put his foot down and change his “method of operation.” We all know that probably won’t happen.

But perhaps Noreen could alter her attitude. Nah, never happen either. Let’s back up and try to help poor Bobby out. Come on Bobby, “man up,” sit Noreen down and let her know what you can and can’t afford, and while you have her attention, let her know how you feel when she talks to you the way she does. Noreen dear, a good man is hard to find, so when you find one you should do whatever, within reason, you can to keep him, and this seems like a small thing to ask. For Nervous Nelly the solution seems to be simple, however not being in Nelly’s position, it could easier said than done. For instance if Nelly’s self esteem is so low, she can’t get out of the situation without help. However, long before it got to this point Nelly should have taken matters into her own hands and sought employment elsewhere.

She could have reported the supervisor, taken time to learn on her own how to do the new jobs that were put before her. Maybe she could have simply asked for more help. Now, all of these things didn’t happen. That was then, this is now. Just think of all of the experience that Nelly has from staying in that same position. Now she really does have something to offer another employer. There are computer classes that she could avail herself of. Not only that, but with the experience Nelly has she could start her own business. If all of this seems daunting for Nelly, she could seek counseling, if not face to face, there are always self help books. So we can see that Nelly’s situation is not as hopeless as it seems. Okay, Dainty Della’s “problem” is the easiest one to overcome. One way is, simply get new friends. Maybe, find a hobby less physical than sports, or just talk to her parents. Let’s face it sports isn’t for everyone.

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