Impact of Drone Technology

Drones have hugely contributed to the changed the mode of operations of humanity over the years. Mainly, they have revolutionized the social and economic aspects of life. This has therefore led to positive and negative effects that affect people’s lives

Social Impact of Drones:

In the social sector, drones have caused some impacts in people’s lives. To begin with, it has led to the exposure of the lives of people in both the military and civilian settings. For that reason, they can be used in the security systems top track down criminals or any other valuable information effortlessly. To prevent the people from noticing the presence of these drones, the small drones are designed so as to be unnoticeable. The issue whether is applied to imagery or aerial photography. According to Belamy&Muse (2015), the use of this technology causes the invasion of people’s lives.

Drones are huge contributors of Safety:

Secondly, drones are also a huge contributor of safety in the global domain as a whole. In fact, it is equally considered to use drones than an aircraft to carry out security operations. This does not only secure the lives of the pilots solely but extends to the people on the ground as well, since the potential risks are significantly reduced, drones have the capacity to abandon mission and go back once they identify problems in the site sent thus making them significantly important (Sloggett,2014)

Drones Enhance human Psychological Wellbeing and Data Security:

Drones offer very much in the way of the delivery of fast and efficient information without straining a lot. For this reason, people in the community can, therefore, attain relevant information that is necessarily needed without feeling under pressure. For instance, they can provide information about the state of affairs of the local people and the nature of the forests as well.

Data security:

Drones enhance data security since it can track down people’s private lives then convey the information to security personnel in time. For that reason, people decide to live like pretenders since they know that the radar is always on them and can therefore not do what they usually. Either way, it plays an active role in contributing to the enhancement of security following data provision but also suffocates the behavior of people on the other end of the spectrum. Since the people cannot be themselves, they fail to achieve what they truly should in life. The fear may be unhealthy as it may birth high levels of insecurity in the societal domain (Barela, 2016).

Drones Cause the Disorientation of peoples Culture:

Following technological upheaval and particularly the drones, the way of life of many people has been hugely affected. These days, people no longer relate as they should be in a normal way or work owing to the fact that they feel they are being watched. This may have an adverse impact on the growth of the economy and the social sphere alike as the pressure may not only sabotage the ways of life of the people involved but performance also. This has sparked many discourses on whether or not the idea of drones should be applicable.

Replacement of Human Labor:

As commonly held, the positive impacts of technological upheaval are undeniably advantageous. However, it may still lead to negative impacts since the drones have withheld many opportunities that would rather belong to humanity. Since the humans do not have the opportunity to work in the place of drones, they lack the chance to make their investment in the globe and make their lives better by generating revenue personally. (Sloggett, 2014)

Upgrading the Environment:

Drones play a significant role in improving the environment. To begin with, part from the fact that they track down people in various locations, they are also essential in the tracking down of wildlife. This ensures that they are intact and safe. For this very reason, in the case of any reason, the drones can raise the alarm so that the wildlife staffs make a point of correcting the problems early enough before they get worse ultimately.

In the sector of economy:

In matters economic development, drones have played a significant role in the raising of the standards of the financial circles. There has been increased productivity over the years because the devices can operate automatically with minimal human intervention. For instance, drones can carry out a mission that would take humanity ten days to plan ahead and accomplish finally. They are therefore important as they improve the economic sector in a great way. For this reason, the speed of doing things has improved, and things are done fast enough to give room for other things. In addition to that, they also facilitate market research as they can capture photographs of places where human beings themselves could bot manage to reach out using their equipment. Such advantages come in handy to improve the economy. (Belamy, 2015)

Drones have improved the agricultural sector:

Drones have also hugely impacted the agricultural sector by facilitating the regular and timely monitoring of crops. This enables the farmers and researchers figure out how best to harvest or use the pesticides whenever it is necessary. In addition to that, they allow security personnel to track down the crop thieves.

Drones have also improved disaster management services:

In the emergency management arena, drones have also made a hugely positive impact. This is because of the fact that once any problems arise in any location, the drones can gather and convey information to the concerned individual fast enough so they can make an effort of rectifying the situation. This handily comes into play to secure ground for effective disaster management techniques.

As per Slogget (2014), the drones come in handy to reduce the costs and ultimately save on costs as well which are positive in the disaster management arena. With the overview information, it is evident that the drones have hugely revolutionized the social and economic spheres. However, the question still is whether the positive impacts outweigh the negative consequences by far.

In conclusion, from the essay, it is evident that the drones have hugely caused numerous changes in the social and economic spheres of life and as time goes by, they will continue to modify the world with technological advancement every single day.







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