It was only about 18 months ago that I could not even keep up

with a 90-year old’s energy levels. At my partner’s family

functions, I often sat with his grandmother who, by the end of

the evening, was still lively and chirpy while I was barely

able to keep my eyes open. Most evenings I would come home

after work, curl into bed with a book and fall asleep. When I

woke up I would feel tired and demotivated. I figured I didn’t

have enough time left to do anything interesting, so I would go

back to bed. Sometimes I would even fall asleep at the book

shop while choosing which books to buy!

Fortunately, but by no accident, all that has changed.

Here are some things that I changed in my life, which can also

bring more energy into yours:

  1. Cut out sugar. Sugary foods and drinks provide ‘quick fix’
    energy but the effects do not last. During the months where I
    had very little energy, I began eating chocolate bars as though
    they would solve all my problems. During an eight-hour work day
    I ate four chocolate bars, one to keep me awake every two
    hours. It is no wonder I crashed when I got home from work. The
    increased blood sugar levels cause an increase in the hormone
    insulin which works hard to remove all the excess sugar. It
    works a little too hard however, and the end result is often
    low blood sugar levels and sluggishness.
  2. Speed up your movements. It is easy to feel tired if you are
    plodding around the place. But if you start to walk a bit
    faster, speak a bit faster and work a bit faster, you will feel
    more energetic.
  3. Make getting out of bed fun. My old alarm clock had a marble permanently stuck to the snooze button so that I could find it easier in the dark. I would press the snooze button a minimum of three times before eventually dragging myself out of bed. I felt so much better when I finally banished that alarm clock! Now, every morning at 5:30, my stereo plays a selection of my favourite music and it gets me in the mood to….
  4. Exercise. That’s right. I do it first thing every morning so
    that it doesn’t get put off until ‘tomorrow’. I have noticed a
    big increase in my energy levels since exercising in the
    mornings again.
  5. Last but not least, have more fun! Recently I went overseas on holiday, and for two weeks I was going to bed between one and
    two in the morning and leaping out of bed with enthusiasm every
    morning at six. The secret to my energy was fun, excitement and
    adrenalin. So if things start to get a bit tiring, rather than
    going to bed, get out and enjoy yourself!

(C) Copyright Petra Rankin 2005


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