International Studies



International Studies refers to courses and degree programs offered in universities that revolve around the study of the key issues dominating internationally. These issues are social, cultural, political or commercial in nature. It is the study of factors that influence the world as a whole.

Presently, one the serious issue affecting the whole world right now is the global financial crisis. This refers to a situation that has resulted in failure of leading financial institutions around the world, leading to further collapse of the stock exchange and banks in different countries around the world. The global financial crisis began at around 2007, and then developed into 2008. The first victims of this global financial crisis were the Lehman Brothers, a leading investment bank, declared bankrupt in September 2008. Ever since, there has been the failure of some of stock markets. This was because investors were not sure which companies enlisted in the stock markets would survive the crisis, leading to collapse of shares markets.
Another major component of business investment affected was the banking sector. As a result of the crisis, banks raised fears of the increasing number of bad debts. In order to avoid these bad debts, most of the banks stopped lending money to investors thus making accessibility of finances extremely difficult and expensive.

This issue of international financial crisis will apply to any International Studies student. This is because one of the major entities of International Studies is the economic issues existing among different countries in the world. Currently, many governments are overworking their systems in order to try and maintain their economies and meet their budgets. However, this crisis has affected some countries more than others. All countries need to make it through this mess. International Studies student s would come in handy here whereby they would analyze business situations in different countries then follow up with a working solution on to handle this crisis in the best way, thus easing pressure on the affected governments.

In order for any student to be able to handle International Studies successfully, it is highly recommended that they join international universities. As stated earlier, International Studies involves understanding social, cultural, administrative and financial matters among different civilizations.

One of the factors any student must consider before enrolling in a university is the availability of education and research materials. It is likely that most universities are well-equipped with the necessary materials required for International Studies. However, studying in a recognized international university that offers this course will ensure that the student has access to the necessary study material and content.

An issue that comes up with International Studies is the issue of diversity. This is because people of different cultures have different ways of doing things. Studying in an international university ensures that students get the opportunity to interact with each other, clearly from other parts of the world, thus presenting them with exposure to different cultures.

An experience with one culture is likely to be remarkably different from an experience with another. Although some of information relating to different cultures is available, it is worth noting that a lot of things relating to the same group have not been recorded. Therefore, it will require that the student lives among the people been studied in order to get the ignored facts relating to the culture. For, example, it is noteworthy that an Asian seeking to explore the American culture do so in America rather than in Asia.

In addition, International Studies will require even the study of the language of a certain society. Although some international languages are available for teaching in various education institutions worldwide, a study that involves a language considered not to be international will require the individual to learn in an international university.

I have travelled as an international student ambassador three times to ten different countries. These include Japan (where am studying), Korea, Italy, Poland, Great Britain, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Russia. Over these visits, I met with government officials where we discussed the current state of their relationship with United States as well as possible future relations between them. In addition, I participated in local council debates and discussions with citizens of each county. This granted me the opportunity to provide insight towards a better international understanding. I was also able to interact with the natives had a chance to experience their cultures and determine where differences and similarities exist. This exposure will be instrumental in my subsequent encounters with personalities from these and other countries in presentation of my opinions and collecting their views and expectations, as well.

I have personally travelled to third world, Haiti in particular. This was after the 2009 earthquake disaster that shook their nation. While there, I worked alongside Red Cross workers in aiding the victims. Through this experience, I caught a glimpse of what life in developing countries is like, and I would be pleased to share my experience with interested individuals/parties.

In addition, I have also participated in youth council meeting, in my city. I have met with the mayor and school board in order to discuss how they could become more involved with the youth in the community. This was after the listing of several high schools in the region as low-performing in California.


These discussions aimed at identifying ways of improving the performance of students in these schools without having to deny the students their privileges such as sports, electives, dances and rallies. As an International Studies major in another country, therefore; I think that I can help where similar situations exist.


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