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If a fire does occur in the lab, notify your instructor and move away from it carefully to avoid causing an accident. Know the locations of all laboratory exits before a fire occurs. In case of a fire alarm, whether planned or unexpected, shut off any burner, hotplate or running water you are using and leave the lab as quickly as possible in an orderly manner. Your instructor will tell you beforehand which emergency route to take out of the building. Once out of the building, walk clear of the exits so you will not hinder anyone else’s escape. Long hair must be tied back behind your head. Long bangs must be secured with a hairnet. Hair can easily ignite from a burner flame and cause serious face and scalp burns. Flammable liquids such as acetone, hexane, and ethanol must be stored and dispensed in the hood. Even if there are no flames in the lab, do not take supply bottles of flammables out of the hood. Extinguish burning clothing by using the drop-and-roll technique or by dousing with cold water or using the emergency shower if it is immediately available.
If your clothing catches fire, do not run or take other action that will fan the flames. Immediately drop down and roll on the floor to extinguish the flames. Laboratories are also equipped with fire blankets for extinguishing clothing fires. Your instructor will use one if necessary to smother the flames completely. After a clothing fire is extinguished, remove contaminated clothing carefully to avoid further damage to the burned area. Remove heat with cool water or ice packs until tissue around burn feels normal to the touch. The injured person should be covered to prevent shock. Get medical attention immediately by calling 911 and the security office for your campus. Safety Data Sheets (SDS’s) which list the properties and hazards of chemicals are available for all materials used in the lab if you have concerns or questions about any substance you use. Your instructor will teach you to read and interpret SDS’s and will provide SDS’s for selected substances.


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