It’s All in the Details – Writing an Effective Personal Statement


If you are applying for a graduate degree, you need to write a personal statement essay. Essentially, this essay tells something about yourself and your unique qualities. Your essay is one of the things that the admission committee will use to determine whether you are fit for graduate school.

Writing an admissions essay is a must for graduate school applicants. The essay should be written in such a way that it will leave a good impression on the readers. If you want to know how to get into top ranked grad school in psychology, be sure to write a good admissions essay first. And before you start writing your essay, read the following questions to ask before writing a personal statement:

* What makes me different from other grad school applicants?
* Why am I qualified for a graduate degree?
* What are my career goals?
* Why should I be admitted to graduate school?
* Why am I interested in this discipline? What has sparked this interest?
* What have I learned about this field of study? How has it shaped me?
* Have I received awards or recognitions (especially those related to my field of interest)?
* What are my work experiences or on-the-job trainings? What have I learned from them?
* How are my previous jobs and trainings related to my subject of interest? How are they helpful to my future career?
* How can I make this essay engaging and easy to read?
* What can I contribute to the graduate program?

Think about these questions carefully as you write your personal statement. Clear, thoughtful responses to these questions will give you an idea of which details to incorporate into your personal statement.


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