OK, so it’s REALLY cold. And I mean REALLY REALLY cold. So cold that you go outside and your tears freeze. In fact, there is a frostbite warning. Supposedly, any exposed skin can get frostbitten in 10 minutes. The cold got me thinking as I was leaving school yesterday. Mr. Mitchell and I were complaining about how long it was taking our cars to heat up so that we could drive home. Suddenly, I thought of those first Canadian settlers who came here from Europe. What on earth would have made them STAY here after they experienced one winter? I understand that they might have thought they found a nice place if they arrived in the summer, but even one bitter cold day and they must have thought they made a mistake. Granted, the first settlers came here close to 500 years ago, and the climate has changed some, but it still must have been REALLY cold for them.

Imagine that you had no heated buildings to go into. Imagine you didn’t have warm and cozy boots, hats, jackets and mittens. You would want to start a fire to keep you warm, or at least to keep you alive. Imagine you had to dig in the snow and ice to find wood to start a fire. Imagine that the wood was so frozen it wouldn’t light. I walked from my garage to the door of my house yesterday – maybe 15 steps and my hands were numb from the cold. All I had to do was unlock my door and it took me 20 minutes to thaw out. Your assignment is to do some research on early Canadians and make some inferences about how they survived and thrived in the long, cold Canadian winters. Reflect on what life was like where they came from that this was a BETTER life. It’s a good thing they did tough it out, because they set this land up for us to be comfortable (most of the time) even on the coldest of days. In order to make your entry more personal, talk to your family about when they first came to Canada. What were the things that pushed them from their home? What were the things that pulled them here?

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In my work experience in a retail store, I learned that people with authority can sometimes take advantage of the fact. Newcomers, especially, who have recently been given a little more authority, will let it get to their heads and start to make enemies with people around them. When I started out I had no intentions of getting a higher position than what I applied for. I just needed a job to show my dad that I was responsible enough to have my own car. It was nothing I had a passion for or nothing I enjoyed doing on my spare time. I went about my shifts doing what I had to do and as soon as I clocked out I didn’t think about it not once. I was obviously doing a very good job at what I was doing when the new store General Manager asked if I was interested in a higher position.

I wasn’t too fond of it at first being that I was very shy, and didn’t talk much to anyone. I had to think about it for a couple of weeks until I finally made my decision and I took the offer. I had to prove that I could be outspoken and take people under my wing and run things. I came to realize that having no experience ever being in a manager type position, and having to put everything a manager would do to my actual every day performance became a little difficult. I had to learn how to talk to these people that were once on the same level I was. Communication is very important because people can take things you say and misinterpret them in wrong ways. The field I want to look into is the medical field. I feel as though in that field other than the Drs. Everyone is entitled to their opinion as to what to do in different cases. I am hopeful to find out in the upcoming weeks. In Literacy ,Discourse,and Linguistics:Introduction by James Gee he made a very real observation that I can truly see in one of my communities at work.

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