If you do not know who Beth Moore is, she is a Christian author who writes Bible studies mainly for women. She also makes videos so that you can do the study in a small group setting whether in the home or at church. I did a study on the book of Revelations by her last year, but now I started a new one on the book of James. I knew He had some siblings, but for some reason it never hit me that it was James! I miss that earlier! We had our first meeting on Tuesday night and man did I need it! I had a HORRIBLE day! My students were awful, they would not STOP talking over me, my workout was cancelled, and I cant even tell you how many people acted as if they could not see my car on the road. I needed a Bible Study after this day.

And man did Beth bring it! I want to share about the daily devotional time which I do in the morning. The other day, part of the homework was to create a timeline depicting the events where you have SEEN GOD AT WORK in your life. I have not done an art project for myself in so long, and I could not wait to do this one. I have been thinking about it for 2 days now! So tonight I created this timeline. Where I lost my High School Art teaching job. Marrying my husband Jason is at the highest point of my timeline. I used sharpie markers first drawing and writing everything I wanted. If you have read my About Me section my timeline consisted of mainly those events. Satan orchestrates the bad things that happen to us, but God is the one who will take it, redeem it, and set a purpose for it. All I have to do is bring it to Him. Him is so hard. He will. He wants to. He wants to free you and me and give a purpose to that awful thing that happened. The real question for us is: Will We Let Him?

Whenever I show my Japanese rulers (which have no numerals) to kids, they wonder how it is possible to measure anything with such strange rulers. Letting them figure it out for themselves is quite a worthwhile group activity. Grades 1-2, Counting by Tens and Ones: Students are asked to count the strawberries on page A6 of the appendix. There are forty-two strawberries arranged in a 7-by-6 array. Grades 1-2, Along the Line and Open Number Line: Although the authors correctly describe the integer “2” as being units units away from zero, the origin (positive direction understood), they abandon origin two paragraphs later. Nearly every presentation of the number line in all four books fails to start from zero. 5 does NOT mean “start at 3.” It means start at 0, and go 3 units in the positive direction, and then five more units in the positive direction. Maintaining a sense of origin helps students to understand absolute value later.

Digi-Blocks points out, Note that with drawn number lines like this one, you are supposed to count the steps. Here we see that there are 3 steps between 0 and 3. But often times children try to count the hash marks. This becomes confusing. Do they count three hash marks or 4? With the Digi-Block number lines, it is entirely clear that there are 3 blocks. I actually prefer Cuisenaire’s “Rod Track” over Digi-Block’s number line because you can turn one track vertical to model not only multiplication arrays but also distributive property and quadratic equations. Cuisenaire used to have a rod track for modeling negative numbers (I have one), but it is apparently no longer available. 62. Furthermore, the arrow code on this page adds an necessary layer of complexity. Finally, if the authors are worried that on a standard hundred chart, bigger numbers are below smaller numbers, try rewriting the chart with 1-10 at the bottom instead of at the top.

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