Different ideas were behind Christ’s teachings. The conversations between Jesus with other people and with His disciples brought about Teachings brought by Him from God-the-Father .The description of His miracles and deeds, His appeals to the Heavenly Father were also part of his teaching. His life and history were all recorded in the Bible in the four Gospels: Mathew, Mark, Luke and John. Information about Jesus is also learnt through the writings of His disciples and their personal opinions. However, there has been no structured and complete Jesus’ Teachings description that would show in an orderly manner most of the important ideological issues. This was among the reasons for numerous disagreements between Christians and for an abundance of striking perversions of His Teachings. Some of the teachings learnt from Jesus include:

The Ten Commandments in which Jesus summarized and applied them in specified ways. They included do not murder, do not steal, do not commit adultery in which Jesus explained that one could not desire someone else’s spouse even if they were divorced. Another commandment was Obey your parents in which Jesus described this as honouring and respecting parents and the elderly.
Loving God was another idea behind Christ’s teaching. Some of the quotes that relate to the love Jesus emphasized from the Bible were: “No one can serve two masters” which came from the Ten Commandments. Jesus neither wants us to worship images as God, nor does he want to serve other gods. Wealth was the main factor that Jesus spoke of in this regard. He considered possessions, wealth and money to be another god that demands service. Jesus also emphasized in not calling “The Lord’s name in vain”. Therefore we do not use God’s name in lying or cursing. “Don’t be as the hypocrites” Jesus said. He wants us to ensure that when we worship or serve God that we are not doing for other people but for Him. He also said that we should hide some of our religious deeds, so no one else would know we are doing them. “Seek ye the kingdom first” Jesus advices us to prioritise God’s work before anything else and all that we want shall be added into our lives.
Love one another is a teaching derived from Jesus quotes. Some of the words in the Bible that show Jesus encouraged people to love each other: “Do Unto others”– Jesus encouraged us to treat our neighbour as we wanted to be treated because we all need to be respected and supported. Jesus also told us not to act in hostility because of anger against others, more so not insulting them or harming enemies. “Give to the poor” – Jesus says that we should help anyone that is in need. “Love your enemies” Rather than being angry or getting revenge, Jesus says that we should do good to those who do harm or do evil to us “Let your Yes be Yes”—Jesus said that we should keep our promises. “Be reconciled”— Jesus encouraged us to ask for forgiveness in case we wronged anyone He also said that we should forgive others who wronged us for us to be forgiven. “Judge not lest you be judged”—He asked us not to judge anyone because we might be worse.


Another teaching that is gained from Jesus is the Church Morality. “Rebuke him privately”—Jesus told the church to exercise correction on anyone in the church not living up to the commandments. He added that the correction was to be done with an aim of restoring the sinner. “Beware of false teachers”—Jesus warned Christians to be alert to discern false teachers and not to put leaders over ourselves. He also says that we should not choose church leaders who are disobedient. “Preach the gospel”—Jesus tells the church to proclaim the Word of God to all the corners of the world until he returns. “The last shall be first”—the church leaders should be humble and merciful to serve all the other people. “Heal the sick, cast out demons”—the church is to give people spiritual freedom from evil spirits and demons. Jesus also encouraged the church not to alienate themselves from sinner and instead call them to the church and pray for them and that is why he said “I came to seek the lost”. Jesus also emphasized that the church is to provide for the basic needs of the church leaders.

The last teaching that can be taken from Jesus is Humility and Sacrifice. Jesus says
“The humble will be exalted”— he encourages Christians not to be proud and that if we do this we shall be honoured and uplifted by God. “Turn the other cheek”—Jesus followers are to submit and obey authorities, even if they harm us unless they tell us to disobey Jesus. Jesus also stated that Christians should be happy even though we might be hated, rejected or persecuted because of him. For His heavenly Father shall reward us better than the persecutions we have passed through. In his time on earth Jesus also says that Christians will experience eternal life after death and that they shall not perish if they fully surrender their lives to Him. He also informs them that a judgement day will come whereby one shall either be condemned to hell or rewarded with eternal life and we should therefore try to live in the right ways.

The early followers of Christ were slow to come up with a Christian philosophy that was distinct.

Some teachings of Jesus contrast with the context of history especially the Greek philosophy. At some instances it seems like Jesus opposed the Jewish and Greek laws. First, the factor of “turning the other cheek” was not according to the Greek historical rules and thus it seemed odd because forgiveness was not emphasized by Aristotle, Socrates or Plato. In addition to, the idea of atonement and redemption and is also basically absent in ancient Greece. Original sin, was foreign to Greek philosophers equally and it is not among Jesus’ doctrines. In fact it is argued that the notion of sin and the devil were absent in Greece. In philosophy the general notion of God incarnate that suffers, dies and resurrects sounds unlike anything in Socrates, Plato and Aristotle – with the negligible exception of Platonic soul-transmigration. Also According to their laws they were not supposed to eat insects, carnivores and rodents but when Jesus came he stated that all the foods were clean

The millennium is seen to have three different views which are: the premilliannialism, amillennialism and postmillennialism. In the premillenial view Christ comes before the millennium while in the postmillennial Christ comes after the millennium.

The Christianity during the first thousand years of its existence was markedly different from that familiar today. Some of its distinctive features include: the authority of tradition; today most Christians refer to their Bible for faith and as their ultimate authority. Earlier the Bible did not exist hence followers of Christ did not share this assumption. Since the reformation there had always been a controversy of whether priests and bishops were included in the early church. During Jesus times there were different levels of leadership in the church from bishops (overseers) to apostles. The authority of the bishops was however limited because they were supposed to explain existing teachings and not develop new doctrines. Another factor was fasting in which in both the Old Testament and during the times of Jesus it was common. In a document it showed that in the early second-century Christians were to fast on Wednesday and Friday which commemorated the crucifixion and betrayal of Jesus. With time it was later understood to be the abstinence from animal products along with alcohol. Another controversial topic was the nature of worship in the early church. The amount of continuity between that of the Jews and that of the early Christian worship was the crucial question. The Jewish worship in the temple was highly liturgical and it involved vestments, priests. The last controversy was about where the body and Blood of Jesus Christ were hence developing the doctrine of the real presence. There was a belief that the blood of Jesus and his body were present at the Eucharist though the wine and bread offered at the Eucharist were asserted to merely represent symbols.


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