Get help Kaplan-University AB 299 Unit 2 Homework Help. You created a mission and vision statement for Tim’s previously. Define one (1) task associated with one (1) responsibility of each employee at Tim’s Coffee Shoppe. Define at least three of Tim’s tasks and three of Tim’s responsibilities as store manager. Respond in a Word document in APA format (12 point, Times New Roman Font, double-spaced) and submit it to the Dropbox. Access the assignment instructions and grading rubric. Home services business- large business with one knowledgeable owner and one banker/investor. Who are the owners/founders besides yourself if any? Who are your potential customers? What makes your business unique in the marketplace? What are the strengths? What are the strengths or benefits of this type of business form concerning taxes and liability based on the type of ownership and customer? What are the weaknesses? Do you need a Board of Directors? What are the pitfalls of this type of structure and why based on the type of business being conducted? Assignment 1: Choose a business form (example, sole proprietorship and so on), that would be most appropriate for Tim’s Coffee Shoppe and justify your answer.

Refer to Discussion 1 and the Learning Activity in this unit for a quick review of the types of business forms commonly used. Further information regarding forms of business can be accessed via the U.S. What business form would be most appropriate at Tim’s and why? Explain the benefits and drawbacks of the business form you chose. Due to the fact that Tim’s is a restaurant business. Respond In a minimum of 350 words in APA format (12 point Times New Roman Font, double-spaced) and submit your response to the Assignment Dropbox. 1 : Limited Liability Corporation: States recognize this limited liability form (like a corporation) and it has pass-through taxation benefits but allows for different types of members including other corporations. For tax purposes, the Federal government does not recognize this corporation type and requires them to file as either a proprietorship, sole proprietorship or a corporation. 2 : Tax treatment of this corporation is exactly like that of a partnership. 3 : Each agent for the business and can legally bind the firm and, hence, the other agents to contracts, even without the remaining agents’ knowledge or consent. Each agent is taxed as an individual based on distributed share of profit from the business. 4 : Tax exempt corporation that must comply with state and federal regulations and reporting requirements. 5 : Corporations are subject o more legal, reporting, and financial requirements than other forms of ownership. Before stockholders receive a penny of its net income as dividends, a corporation must pay these taxes at the corporate tax rate, a graduated tax on corporate profits. Then stockholders must pay taxes on the dividends they receive from these same profits at the individual tax rate. 6 : The least regulated form of business ownership. This firm type is taxed as an individual.

A lot of them had to do the same work as being slaves. The 1860s are noticeable for the rise of the Civil Right Movement which had a lot of consequences. The period of Reconstruction included global changes in the political, social and economical structure of the society and the way the African-Americans fitted there now. After 1877 the liberties of Black were restricted again. White Southern Democrats took control from Republicans and the achievements of the Reconstruction were deprived. The Supreme Court was also involved into this process. A black man was imprisoned in Louisiana in 1892 just for sitting in the white section of the train car. Jim Crow is a name of the system of laws that fixed the racial discrimination and supreme attitude to the African-Americans. But it has become more than a system of laws. It has become a way of life. Jim Crow laws represented the legitimization of anti-Black racism and covered the period between 1877 and the mid-1960s. The Jim Crow system stated that the white race was superior to the black race, sexual relations between Blacks and Whites would produce a mongrel race which would destroy America.

This system also demanded to keep the blacks on the bottom of the social stratification by any means and to use forth if necessary to keep this separation. \facilities for white only”) was put everywhere. Prisons, hospitals, schools, churches, cemeteries were separated. We definitely take notice of the fact that “constraints of cultural domination and a consequent power deficit have posed serious problems for African American leadership. Leadership can be the main characteristic of the African American identity. This feature of the African American identity became dominant due to centuries of segregation and discrimination. African Americans had to prove their rights for their white contemporaries and leadership and passion for equality and independence had helped them a lot. These very features have given the African Americans a possibility to gain a great number of privileges in the contemporary American society. The main aim was to reach the following conditions: political rights and freedom of speech, quality of education, personal worth, economical independence and self-sufficiency, cultural integrity and many others.

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