Describe three characteristics that are key to developing your professional image in your chosen career field. Support your response and include why you think the characteristics are important to your personal image. A professional image is not solely defined by your choice of clothing, but by multiple personal factors. You are all unique and present yourselves in a unique manner, whether it is by the jewelry you select, the shoes you wear, how you do your hair, or through other means of behavioral expression. In this Discussion, you will present your ideas on this topic and respond to others’ opinions and comments in a professional manner. Your posts should be in the 100-word range and your responses in the 75-word range. Respond to at least two of your classmates with meaningful comments. Check out the Discussion topic grading rubric in the course Syllabus for hints on how to “ace” the Discussion. Body piercing and tattoos are very common in today’s society.

What is your perception of body piercing and tattoos related to professional image? Are piercings and tattoos acceptable in your profession? Contact a professional in your field and ask him/her about the issues surrounding this topic. When you respond to other students, if possible, choose one classmate from your chosen field and another from a different field. The concept of working together to produce a better outcome is not a novel idea. Competition in a collaborative working context may encourage productivity and the realization that different people bring different skills and different levels of skills to the workplace. However, coworkers may have differences in opinion and perceptions that do not allow them to collaborate with others. It is not always necessary to have complete harmony in the workplace but a civil, working relationship will get the job done. Your posts should be in the 100-word range and your responses in the 75-word range.

Respond to at least two of your classmates with meaningful comments in accordance with your Syllabus. Imagine a situation where you are paired up with a coworker to complete a very important project for your company. The coworker does not share the same work ethic that you do, and you are concerned about working together toward successful completion of the project. It is not a job that you can handle on your own as there are a lot of specialty areas that this person knows well and you know nothing about. Discuss at least three things you can do to improve your working relationship with this person so that you do not dread going to work every day and that will improve the work you produce as a team. Discuss at least two ways that you can help to control what information is readily available about you to anyone, including employers on the internet.

Discuss at least two ways that this multicultural mix can be an advantage to the career field you have chosen. Discuss at least three ways that you can gain additional knowledge within your field that will not be a large financial burden on you. Research to find one professional organization, either locally or nationally, that you feel will provide you with opportunities for professional development and staying -current in your area. Discuss what the organization provides and how it will be a help to you personally. During your journey together through this course, you have met new people and shared some very good ideas. In this Assignment you will have an opportunity to view five scenarios. After viewing all of the scenarios, choose one of them that represents your desired career field. Then, describe and analyze what you viewed according to the following directions. Each paragraph should be a minimum of 3-4 sentences. • Click here to view the scenarios.

Describe and explain what you viewed. • Was this individual professional? • What made the individual professional (consider attire, communication skills, presentation of self, etc.)? • Were there aspects presented that were not professional? If so, please describe. • Include any additional thoughts. • What is the appropriate attire for an individual in your profession? Clickherefor a brief overview of what is not appropriate attire in the majority of career fields. • Describe what makes someone a professional in your field. Use research and/or reflect on your personal experiences and what you know about your profession (or the profession you will work in). • What behavioral attributes do you practice that identify you as a professional (review the Week 1 content for ideas)? • What attributes, such as attire, communication skills, and presentation of self, do you possess that make you professional? Save your Assignment in MS Word format and submit it in the Dropbox for Unit 2 Assignment.

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