I was assigned to do a Lab report on an experiment we did in class.. I want to know if there’s anything I should have that I don’t .. Also .. could someone help with writing the Abstract? The purpose and objective of this lab is to obtain g, acceleration due to gravity, by using an inclined plane, and other materials, and to calculate g using the results. Galileo did this same experiment around four hundred years ago, only with none of the technology of today’s time and a ball instead of a blue car. Theory states that acceleration due to gravity is 9.81 m/s². This experiment will continue to be studied, as its results are as important as any. Galileo found the results of the experiments to lead to the answer of an important question of his time. Is Earth the center of the solar system, and is it stationary? The answer of course was that Earth is not the center of the universe, the sun is, and that it is not stationary, but constantly rotating and gyrating around the sun.

The procedure to this experiment with the list of materials like the one above, can be found in DataStudio Essentials; Acceleration Due to Gravity, by Pasco Scientific. All equipment was first hooked together and set up so that the experiment could be done. The bottom of the inclined plane was first set at 10 cm from the top of the table. The car was placed on the track at a distance of 40 cm from the motion detector located at the top of the inclined plane, and released at the same time that the DataStudio began recording. Once the car got to the bottom of the track the software was stopped. The results of the experiment were not the ones expected. Diagram 1 shows how the results were obtained. In the diagram g is equal to acceleration due to gravity, and a is equal to the acceleration of the car down the inclined plane.

Theta is equal to the angle between g and the y-axis. For example, the average acceleration of the five runs tested for an angle of 2.5° was .3968 m/s², so when dividing .3968 m/s² by sin 2.5º an answer of 9.1m/s² is found. The actual acceleration for the measurement of 2.5º should be .427 m/s², which shows some kind of error in the experiment. The possibilities of error are located in the discussion. The tables and graphs for the five runs of the 10cm measurement are attached at the end of the lab report. The calculation for each run and measurement is located in the appendices. The accepted value of acceleration due to gravity is 9.81m/s². None of the calculations for this experiment came out to that exact result. The closest calculation obtained was 9.6 m/s². Acceleration due to gravity is in fact 9.81m/s² but there were a few possible errors in our experiment.

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She however, confessed she takes her younger siblings out once in while to enjoy their favourite French fries. CFAM (Calgary Family Assessment Model) “is an integrated conceptual framework that combines concept from nursing and family therapy to provide a clear systematic model for assessment.” (Dugas, 1998, p.228). The CFAM was helpful and effective during the planning and assessment phases of my work with the family. For example, the structural assessment and functional assessment helped in the development of the family’s genogram and ecomap respectively, with active participation from them. The genogram provided in single glance a pictorial view of the family’s internal structure and the relationship between them. The ecomap on the other hand focused on the family’s external structure with emphasis in this case on how the family is connected to the world around it locally, i.e. schools, church, friends, community services e.t.c. In short CFAM, helped me view the family as a unit whose components parts have some effect on the other as opposed to treating it the members as just individuals.

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