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So in other words my judgments had been tested, in which most were favorable. Why is this accomplishment significant? Most of the activities for the youth of Isleta were educating each child to achieve success and enhance learning by utilizing community resources. I worked closely with the governor and his staff and was able to grow in this profession. I was able to grow because I was given an opportunity to attend tribal council meetings which included tribal members in the community. The facility was a five million dollar center which included an Olympic size swimming pool; weight room, full size gymnasium, kitchen, locker rooms, and a jazzercise room. The Pueblo even had their own personal masseuse for community and employees! Men and women saunas and therapeutic whirlpools were available. The facility was only for Isleta tribal members. How has what you described had an impact on students learning? Dealing with the community on a daily basis was good practice for me because I dealt with individual personalities and differences. Teaching experiences had come in handy in some situations.

I listened to the community, I observed by watching them interact among their peers at meetings. Monitoring and learning was no easy task. I was responsible for three hundred children. I had to oversee small cooperative learning groups. Most of the instruction was done by group leaders. The group leaders were students in college that were home for the summer. As a mentor to the group leaders their main purpose was to commit themselves to the students and instruct learning. Group leaders had to have the knowledge to teach and how to teach physical education activities to the students. It was also my responsibility to see that my group leaders were responsible in managing and monitoring student learning. Students learned to adapt appropriate roles and responsibilities for their own learning and that of their peers. This included teaching students to work independently without constant direct supervision by a teacher. To facilitate student learning, we would place the children in a safe and proper environment. Group leaders worked collaborating with parents informing them of their child’s development and progress.

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