I have to look at some of the audio-visual slideshows on the websites listed in this module, make some notes about particular works of interest, considering how they are edited, sequenced and how audio is used with image. Note down my own personal observations. Whether or not I intend to present my photographs for Assignment Five as an audio-visual piece, suppose for this exercise that I will. Familiarise myself with any basic slideshow or video-making software and compile an edit of my work so that I and/or assessor can view this if necessary. Write a brief evaluation of my work, commenting on how appropriate and effective I think this medium is for presenting my photographs. This is a slideshow on foreclosures in Las Vegas and Reno. The premise is of black and white images with people being interviewed with regards to losing their homes and mortgages. The music is very apt, which is country music and Elvis songs performed in a slightly different way.

The main reel is a normal slide show and then with pictures of homes being displayed like the vertical ‘rolls’ of a slot machine at key intervals throughout the main reel. I think this worked really well as a slide show. The images were very dark/moody and they really made you think about their situation. Also they linked together well and the spinning rolls where apt and placed well throughout. This is a myriad of different interview slideshows, covering all sorts of different people. They are all done in a very similar style, there is no music, only talking and images are shot in black and white of the people who are talking. I have only had viewed a few of them but they all seem to flow very well. They all had uniformity to them and I felt the person through the images and narrative. This is an exhibition of different student’s artwork.

There was no music and no talking, the images did not fade in and out slowly and it was very cut and dry. They also did not linger long and it did not flow very well. I think the reason for this is because it was an exhibition of very different artwork and not solely from one person’s collection, so the flow would be difficult to curate. In a way music might have helped but then again it would have had to have changed each time a different collection of images would show. Some of the images spoke for themselves and did not need music, but then I think this is because of it being a photojournalism body of work. This was a more documentary style, with music in the background that softened when people were talking and it was subtle overall. It was an interesting and informative video that flowed very well from begging to end which helped narrate the story. The quality was fantastic, but it was a video, rather than a slide show.

I liked that with the talking there was soft music in the background, it felt more professional. I am sorry about the watermark, I had spent hours making this and did not know it would be on there at the end. However I think you can still get the general feel of the slideshow. I wanted to show a journey through the slideshow and arrange the images in an order, from getting on a plane, to the road, to the destinations, back on the road and flying home. Even though these places are not in the same location I wanted to use my images from all of my assignments up to now to tell a story. The music I chose was something that would be calming at first and slightly more up tempo at the end, although the feel is relatively the same throughout. I decided to stick with the black and white theme as all of the images from my assignments varied in colour so they did not work together as a collective and the only option was to change them. If you had a huge variation of images that did not work together a slideshow would not be an appropriate way to display them. Music can have a massive affect on the images, if you incorrectly judge the tone of the music it can make you see the images differently. However as I said before I think if this is all done correctly, you can really display your images in an awe inspiring way.

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