Learn To Be An Electrician


If you live in the state of Texas or nearby and you would like to learn about residential wiring, either to work on your own home or to advance your electrical career, there is an electrician course for you. The cost is 280.

This electrician course provides an in-depth look at the U.S. National Electrical Code to which all working electricians must comply. Students study methods of wiring, protection from over currents, branch circuitry, electrical raceways, ampacities, and voltage drops. They study topics that relate to residential installations that help these student electricians prepare for their examination.

Those participating in this electrician course must bring a copy of the NEC code book of 2005 and a scientific calculator with them to the class. The course is held from 6-9pm every Monday for seven weeks in Austin. The course is bilingual but as the NEC testing is and code book is only in English, the classroom setting will emphasize the English electrical terminology.

Another electrician course held in Austin prepares apprentices and other electrical students for their journey level certification. The eight week course is held in the evenings so those already employed during the day can still take an electrician training course after work

The course is a study of the National Electrical Code in great detail, in preparation for the examination and certification. The ICC State of Texas license exam requires this or a similar electrician course before applying for the examination.

The content of this electrician course is expansive. Students learn first about the theory behind general electrical processes and procedures and take part in a basic math review that includes algebra and square root determination. They next learn about the various methods of electrical wiring, and the materials for the procedure as well as the installation itself. Branch circuitry is next on the course agenda, followed then by the study of generators and other electrical motors. Students in this electrician exam-preparatory course also learn about air conditioning and refrigeration loads as well as transformers, electrical services and feeders. They learn the basic principles and installation of bonding and grounding, as well as the principles behind special occupancy. The electrician course also gives the students some valuable tips in how to take the ICC state license exam and information that will help them pass it with flying colours.

Students must come to the first day of this electrician course with their own copy of the NEC code book of 2005, and their own scientific calculator. Upon completion of the electrician course they will be given a copy of the manual working with the Code, a copy of a study guide for the electrical exam and a number of course handouts. While the cost of this electrician course is 395, the value of the manuals, guides and book given as part of the classroom instruction is nearly 100. Students will take away from this electrician course everything they need to earn their ICC state of Texas license to work as a certified electrician.


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