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When you learn to write a children’s book there are a few things you can do to successfully write stories for children; from finding “How to” books that show you exactly what writing for children is all about, finding websites and newsletters giving tips and articles too reading and researching published children’s books. These are important aspects to building a solid writing career and also helping your writing skills but many writers start their career by joining a local writers group which you can enquire about at the local library or you can find a writers group that is online.

There can be positives and negatives to joining writers groups.

The main purpose of a writers group is to consult with other writers about your writing and to hear ideas from other writers. This is a great way to get valuable feedback on your own writing, especially if you have members in the group that have already been published or who have had experience dealing with publishers. No better way to know what you need to do to get published yourself than learning form those who have been there! Another positive for joining a writers group is that you’ll have a group of people in which you can share your success with when you get that joyful letter that you are going to be published or commiserate with when you receive that rejection letter. These special people will know what you are going through.

When you are considering joining a writers group, you would want to be sure that the group has a writing goal for each meeting. Each writer should always bring a piece to discuss at each meeting. A writer must also make sure that there is in an interest in their type of writing at these new groups. For example, find a writers group that has other passionate people writing children’s books. Keep in mind that it is also a good idea to see if there are guidelines for behavior. Sometimes writers groups can get rowdy, a good writer will have extream passion for their story, which is why some writers do not like writers groups.

Joining a writers group is a great way to learn to write for children and/or other genres. Talk to local writers to find local meetings. If there are not any meetings in your area, the Internet is a great source for up and coming writers. Whether your area of writing is picture books, early readers, or young adults; try a writers group and see where it takes you!

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