I am and always will be in awe of Ansel Adams, his quotes always make me think and I like the one above. I went to an exhibition by Charlotte Dumas called “Anima & the Widest Prairies”, where she presented two different projects in which she looked at the condition of horses living in two very different environments. “Anima” is her first video presentation and showed the horse in a stable at night falling asleep. The second presentation “The Widest Prairies” is a series of images she had compiled which are based around horses in the wild and running free. This exhibition really made me feel like the horses were on a journey, whether that be running wild or being stagnant. This is something which I related to my work on both counts. The horses in the images are happy and content as they get to go where they want and the sleeping horse in the video, to me, looked unhappy, this resonated with me and my assignment.

The happiness I felt when seeing what I could see out the window but the unhappiness I felt when not being able to be get out and take photographs and really see the surroundings. I like the road that is included in this image and the high contrast due to the low sun. The freedom I feel when I look at it and it looks as though the horse is about to take a journey down the road. His body of work “America by Road” is a series of images taken over a period of 17 years and is no time order, rather grouped together by subject. His book consists of 192 photographs displayed in a square format which he has a preference for. This is due to the way that he has grouped the images in the exhibition as his exhibition is grouped by subject matter, not the geography. With regards to his work she states “Cars distance people from one another, this series reminds us over and over”.

In another article reviewing the same collection in The Guardian by Sean O’Hagan- Sunday 4th September 2011, he points out that Friedlander’s images of the road signs “seem oddly timeless” and “…the words speak volumes about today’s America”. Also that his images have “…..big skies and flat plains of another America of wooden houses, tall trees, cows and crows”. With regards to how O’Hagan describes Friedlander’s images resonated with me and it was something that I wanted to emulate within my work. The way he describes the images that Friedlander took was inspiring and I hope that I managed to capture that in my own work. I feel that Friedlander’s work really opens up your eyes to the ‘everyday’ that we see but do not notice around us. I particularly like the way that he frames his images and uses reflections, like in the image above. There are so many reflections around us and ‘frames’ but it is something that goes un-noticed. Friedlander captures this in his work and takes it to another level of imagery.

This image is in one that I found online and inspired me to have my images in black and white with a ‘shot’ of colour. Although on looking at this photograph, as well as other photographs in this genre I found them to be too modernistic and wanted to create something a bit more ‘classic’. I found this image of the Hindenburg Blimp crash, this is the kind of colouring that I wanted to portray in my series of images. This photograph really tells a story and the colours of the image are in my opinion ‘classic’ which is the look I wanted to achieve. I think my series works well as a whole with telling a story of my journey, I do question one of the images that I included as I am unsure as to whether or not it fits well. I have included two images at night and the last one I feel works well but the first one may be a bit too extreme.

I feel I could have included more of a reflection in the images, in some they are prominent, in others not enough. Bearing this in mind the composition of the images are how I wanted them to be with a strong accent as to what was outside of the window. The shot of colour is carried through the series of images and gives a dark but bright feeling to the photographs. Iceland is a great country to photograph and lends itself well as to what I was trying to achieve. I found this assignment to be enjoyable and difficult at the same time. It was enjoyable due to being where I was, Iceland is an amazing country, the people are so friendly and helpful, all of this being surrounded by the most amazing scenery. I liked my concept but I was frustrated at the same time due to the nature of it and not being able to leave the transport I was on, which is an oxymoron in itself.

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