The road to this assignment has been an extremely long one due to a lot of unexpected obstacles, mental and physical complications have arisen, some are still there but I am managing them better. The assignment itself has been a pleasurable one. I adore landscape photography, I truly cannot get enough of it. I want to show the world other beautiful places in the world through imagery and this is the best way I know how, through my photographs. The challenges were great as I had problems in Bruges due to the weather and my timings. I arose early on the first day for sunrise images (which were terrible due to cloud cover) so I went to bed early that night. I have shot this assignment with my Canon 1000D however I have recently upgraded my camera to a Canon 60D and I will be using this model for all of my future assignments.

“It’s as if, let’s say you see a theatre play, and you’re given a camera and asked, ‘Can you photograph the actors? ’ But you’re given a specific seat or maybe a row of seats where you can move,” he says. “I like to go where the actors are and move dynamically in their space. Even though this image is in black and white the contrast of the image is perfectly toned. The foreground and compositional feel of the image works well even though the rule of thirds does not fully apply. This is due to the way that the cliff engulfs the majority of the image. However if you look at it in another way, the cliff side of the waterfall encaptures the rule of thirds due to the tapering of the tops towards the background. This image does work well with the spray from the water and the clarity of the fall foreground.

Doug stated that Emmanuel “made striking vistas out of the island’s natural formations without focusing on their actual geography”. This is such a striking image and it made me want to pursue my water theme for this assignment even more, the fluidity of the image and colours making for an extremely striking image. The previous image of the “Gullfoss waterfall” in Iceland I felt that he truly captured the awesomeness of strength within this image. Even though this image is in monochrome you feel the power and force of the water fall without actually being there. A painter who influenced my ideas for this assignment was displayed in an exhibition in Bruges in the bottom of the Belfry. Macha Welvaert’s art was being displayed and was designed primarily with actual sand and sand/water based themes. I was intrigued at the concept of her art and instantaneously wanted to touch it! Immanuel Kant is not a photographer, he is a philosopher and although the reviews about his work in general are less than flattering, I really like this quote.

I feel he describes the difference between the beauty and sublime in a deliciously contemplating way. I am interested in this as I have booked a trip to Iceland and I cannot wait to capture some sublime images. I like some of her images but not all, I can honestly say that not all of them apply to me, or for that matter are sublime. However the inspiration for this assignment was. A lot of her work is based around bodies of water, whether that is in liquid or solid form. I felt this resonated with me and this assignment, the glaciers reflected in the water are stunning and eerily gargantuan. The colours are vibrant and dark at the same time, which is what I wanted to encapsulate with my work. Strengths; – The strong lead in lines lead your eye to the end, the reflections are colourful and clear, with the image starting with darkness at the bottom right of the frame leading in to light at the top left.

Weaknesses; – On different computers where my screen is not calibrated the image looks slightly overexposed at the top left of the image. Strengths; – Again the strong lead in lines, the silhouettes and clarity of the reflections as well as the feel of the sublime radiating throughout the image. Weaknesses; – Perhaps it is to dark? I think it is a risk that I took as it is subjective, maybe a different composition would have lent itself to more light in the frame which may have worked better. Strengths; – The golden colour of the buildings against the dark blue sky work well, as does the reflections in the canal and the mystical feel of the trees moving . Weaknesses; – I took a risk with the lens flare I feel it works well, however I am not so sure if everyone would see it that way, perhaps it distracts from the image. I feel that also it may be a bit noisy. Weaknesses; – There could be more foreground interest and I maybe should have incorporated more light in to the image as a whole.

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