This EduBirdie review cannot be more right. I also had a terrible experience with the company because I got my paper four days late! After this, they completely ignored my messages. Don’t use this company – they are scam and deliver plagiarized papers! The website of the company has amazing reviews of EduBirdie, which is obviously a trick to take your money. I tell you this from experience, this is a scam service! I should have read EduBirdie reviews because if I did, I wouldn’t lose so much money on such a terrible service. The company sent me a terrible paper and charged a fortune for it! I ordered my paper here and got a bad essay, filled with so many mistakes and plagiarism, there was no way to save it. Even when I asked for a revision, my request was rejected. My EduBirdie review will also be a negative one. I used this company once and never again.

Their customer service agents are very rude and do not help a bit. The papers quality is below average. I had a terrible experience with the company and had nowhere to share my opinion. They did a great job making fake comments online, I’ll tell you that. When I checked online, I actually thought this is a good service. A huge mistake. I got my paper a day late and it was not worth half the price I paid for it. Fortunately, I ordered only one chapter from the service because I found some bad feedback online, and you are right – they are really as bad as you say. I just read the most disastrous dissertation chapter in my life and I cannot believe I actually paid for it. For the EduBirdie review, I mean. I was lucky to avoid this service after reading this. My friend wasn’t so lucky.

She got a lousy essay from them. I didn’t find this edubirdie review before ordering, unfortunately. I wanted a simple book review. I had the impression that the writer had no idea what the book was about. I checked goodreads reviews and noticed that she rewrote the entire content from there. Let me tell you my own edubirdie review: this service sucks! I ordered an entire research paper because it was slightly cheaper than other services. “Prof Donna”, the writer, had no idea about the topic. It was googling and rewriting. I left a very bad edubirdie review at the website. You’ll notice there are customer testimonials for each writer, right? Well guess what: it’s gone. It’s not at the website. That’s how unreliable this service is. Don’t trust their lies! Me and my friend ordered essay. We both got lousy work. They say they won’t take your money until you’re satisfied but they are lying. They took our money. We didn’t get revisions. A refund is impossible. It’s not even included in their terms and conditions. This is supposed to be a collaborative service. I expected to contact the writer and get response. Yeah, that didn’t happen. If that was the only thing that went wrong, I wouldn’t leave such a negative EduBirdie review. But my case study was awful. They practically robbed me. Hey, did you notice that the photos of these “writers” are fake? I hate that they tricked me into ordering although I noticed that. Doesn’t deserve a positive Edubirdie review.

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