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Investors also obtain financing from the Gulf Investment Corporation located in Kuwait which is established by the GCC, is a major financial institution whose main purpose is to invest in the equity and provide loan funding to the new companies. The Capital Market Authority in Oman is established in 1998 which regulates the securities market. Muscat Securities Market, which began its operations in 1989, over sees the flow of funds into securities and develops the local financial market. Membership in the exchange is compulsory for Omani licensed banks, specialized loan institutions, authorized financial intermediaries, joint stock companies and Omani public authorities whose shares are registered on the securities market. Commercial banks, joint stock investment and brokerage companies which is registered in Oman they may establish investment funds called joint investment accounts. The accounts are listed on the Muscat Securities Market and may be up to 49% foreign-owned & these funds are exempt from taxation.

The Omani government is developing a port at Duqm, which is a less populated area along the Arabian Sea. This plans call for the construction of a dry dock facility, oil refinery, petrochemicals complex and fish processing centre to eventually fight with Dubai’s Jebel Ali port complex. The plan also calls for the construction of an airport to facilitate passenger and cargo shipments and a three-hotel tourism resort complex. Oman is focusing on its port infrastructure as well. Two of Oman’s principal ports, Sohar and Salalah, are aggressively moving forward on expansion of their respective. In 2002, Oman attracted some 1.2 million foreign visitors; about 7,00,000 came from the GCC (GULF CO-OPERTION COUNCIL) states. And of those700, 000 tourists, an overwhelming 85 percent of them came from the UAE. The Omanis have been trader since ancient times. Their transport and group carried Omani goods – including frankincense, dates and limes – across the seas and over the old frankincense and silk routes, encourage cultural interactions with other peoples.

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