Level of Incoming Refugees and Level of Terrorism


Present a study of the relationship between incoming refugees and national level of terrorism addressing the points below.
2a. Discuss why researchers should care about the link between incoming refugees and terrorism, and what is puzzling about this link (e.g. based on recent events). Then present a research question focused on this relation and justify why it is ‘good’.
2b. Do a quick literature search, and write a short summary of the state of the art -not more than one paragraph! – to indicate what researchers have said about this relation. Refer to at least 2 but not more than 4 authors/papers.
2c. Based on your intuition and the short literature review, present a theory that provides the best answer to your research question. Identify X and Y, highlight the causal direction of the relation and present the causal mechanism that links the two variables. State the main hypothesis of your theory.
2d. Discuss how the hypothesis can be tested. Refer to the type of data one could collect and give examples of some plausible data sources. Discuss how you think the data should be ideally analyzed.
2e. Conside any relevant Z variables one needs to control for in such an analysis to be confident that the relationship between X and Y is causal.

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