Limbo and the Ante Inferno Should be Geographically Replaced

If Limbo and the Ante Inferno could replace their positions then Dante’s argumentations and retribution for the two groups would be more reasonable. The sinners of the Ante Inferno endure what turns to be a greater punishment than what is faced in Limbo. Being all the time stung and forced this way to pursue a white flag would be both mentally and physically horrible and seems to be an agony straight out of hell… though they aren’t even in hell. But if to look at it from the other angle we can see that in Limbo people just walk around and talk to other unhappy souls, which is far from what the other sinners from hell face. Dante accurately allocated the just punishments to all groups of sinners, but he mislaid the two groups. Limbo should be placed outside of Hell because its residents do not have any idea of Heaven and Hell. And the Ante Inferno should be the taken as the first circle of Hell, held for those who knew what was Heaven and Hell and choose neither side and now bound in Hell for their choice.
While Dante may have misplaced these two groups of poor things, he did accurately punished majority of the sinners in a Hell section. For instance, for those who hunted the others when alive there was a river of blood boiling every one of them. The degree of violence also added intensity into the punishment. Tyrants who homicide a lot of people are completely under the boiling blood , while those who happened to be violent against only several people endure blood only up to their trunks. This is the ideal punishment because violence is a sin of passion and leads to murder. It is normal for these sinners to stay in boiling blood, which would have been like their own blood, boiling together with fury and passion, while they were committing their sins. Being plunged in this heated blood would be a horrible punishment and it is just for those who committed a murder, so now they have to suffer this endless torture.


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