Limbo is the name of the First Circle of Hell and it is the final place for the ones who died before the introduction of Christianity or for those who have never been baptized. Famous people like Moses and Noah are former inhabitants of Limbo, until Christ gave them a pardon. Virgil lives in Limbo and has been allowed a temporary leave to guide Dante through Hell because Dante’s former love, Beatrice, residing a high place in heaven, is worried that he is going to be lost in Hell. Dante shows compassion for those who are forever stuck in Limbo.
Dante was clutched with «sincere grief» for people residing here. He could not understand how it can be that the ones who never lived in the world of Christ and had no chance to get to know what Heaven was and what Hell was are sent directly to Hell. It is quite an unfair punishment for those who turned so unlucky to be born before Christianity and had no idea what God was, and then just was sent to Hell for this. It is even more unfair if compared to those inhabiting the Ante Inferno, those who knew God and were aware of the consequences of breaking the Christian commandmens. Knowing about God and just ignoring him seems to be a worse sin than living ones life before Christ. Probably, some of the inhabitants of Limbo may have been sent directly to Hell if they were aware of Christianity, but most may not have. The Limbo people were never granted the choice to live their lives with God, so their punishment and location in Hell should be less strict as compared to those who wasted their chance to gain residence in Heaven.