Need to go shopping? Want to watch the latest blockbuster? Want to listen to Mariah Carey’s new release? Want to read the latest installment to the Harry Potter series? No matter where you are in the world and no matter what time of the day, these activities are possible with just a click of the mouse. And what’s more, people can now have the option to work at home through online writing jobs.

The increasing popularity of the Internet has made it possible for writers to find jobs with a hefty pay check, referred to as online writing jobs. Gone are the days of starving writers and unpublished poets. There are many online writing jobs advertised on the Internet and all one has to do is be patient in searching and applying for the most convenient online writing job.

However, before you search for the perfect online writing job, there are a few basic things you need to be aware of and consider. For one, there are many types of online writing jobs and competition can be quite tough. Some of the online writing jobs include writers for website content, writers who provide academic assistance, search engine optimization writers, ghost writers, advertising writers and e-zine writers. In order to narrow down your search, make sure to apply in positions that are in line with your forte. If you are good in essays and research papers, you have a higher chance of getting work at academic writing websites. If you have the “nose for the news” so to speak, apply as a writer in numerous e-zines. Those who love writing about anything under the sun could become a SEO or web content writer.

Another factor to consider in looking for online writing jobs is the amount of time you are willing to devote to writing on a daily or a weekly basis. Online writing jobs are usually on a full-time, part-time or per project basis. If you are currently employed but would like to consider a career change to online writing, it is advisable to test the waters by applying as a part-time writer. In this way, you will get the hang of things and will have a higher chance of landing a higher-paying online writing job. Students and full-time moms would like to opt for online writing jobs on a part-time or per project basis.

Some might say they are doing it for the love of writing, but come on, the money that comes with it is a major factor as well. Online writing jobs can be financially rewarding but you have to know what you are worth. Some companies and individuals may take advantage and thus offer lower rates. Normally, a 300-word page of essay would cost around US$6-18 depending on the deadline and the topic. The cost of a 500-word article for web content would range anywhere from US$5- 12.

The last but not the least is to know where to work. As stated earlier, some can take advantage and thus, it will not hurt to be wary when sending out applications and receiving offers.

So there you go. Always keep a mental note of these important reminders when searching for your dream online writing job!