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In particular, I tend to focus on the positions while presenting (center of the room, on the sides) giving them a purpose. However, given that I don’t focus all the time on my position and on the purpose of changing it, I also find myself pacing without purpose between purpose-driven pacing “bursts” just because I’m used to pace. The weirdest comment I’ve heard about is really sad. My dad had a bright student from India who asked very good questions. One of the other students, on the evaluation, wrote “The prof spends too much time talking to the dirty paki in the front row”. Can you BELIEVE it? And we count these evaluations towards people’s tenure. Are we incentivizing professors to play to a “lowest common denominator”? As a student I usually don’t mind my professors pacing. Other than that I like to watch an intelligent person pace and talk, so that he/she doesn’t look like a robot while teaching. I teach a 270-student intro to social science course in an auditorium-style lecture hall.

I am rarely up on the stage; instead I am walking up and down the aisles all the time (and my GA is on the other aisle). This helps to stop texting. But “worldin1450” — I tell them to NOT follow me (I won’t see that as rude) but to look forward at the PPT slides and clicker slides. So long as I don’t trip (haven’t yet) then I think that this works for me and for them. Plus, it is great if I think some talking, etc., is going on, I don’t have to make a fuss, I just walk to that part of the aisle and lecture there for quite a while. Stops the annoying behavior like a charm! I don’t “pace” but I do move around. Often I move from a seated position in the center (when answering questions or having a general discussion) to the whiteboard for pictures, math, or code.

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