Select a brand in which you are familiar and/or are a loyal consumer (This will be the basis for future assignments).

Cite all outside sources according to APA formatting guidelines.


  1. Complete the following chart in 90- to 175- words:







Why was this brand selected?








  1. Identify the four components of brand position:





  1. Analyze the brand position in its niche/market as it relates to the four components of brand position in 90- to 175- words.






  1. Evaluate brand equity in 90- to 175- words.





  1. Identify current challenges and opportunities for the brand:


Challenges Opportunities


  1. Explain in 90- to 175- words what strategies you propose for the brand based on the identified challenges and opportunities.




  1. Based on the readings, what is the difference between a product and a brand? Compare the two in no more than 175- words.


Product Brand


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