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Intrinsic motivation exists within the individual, achieving it does not depend on others. Some people believe that the most powerful rewards come from inside a person. An extrinsic reward is an award that is tangible or physically given to you for accomplishing something. It is a tangible recognition of one’s endeavor. For example, it’s a certificate of accomplishment, a trophy or medal for winning the race, a badge or points for doing something right, or even a monetary reward for doing your job. Because extrinsic rewards are tangible, they are usually given to the person doing the activity; as such, they are typically not from within the person. Therefore, extrinsic rewards means the reward is extrinsic to the performer of the activity or behavior. Some people may be driven by rewards. So rewards can sometimes be the reason that drives people to do things. Thus the rewards we get can sometimes be the motivation. However, people do thing for many reasons beyond the rewards, so there are many motivations that are not rewards.

Since rewards can sometimes be a motivation, is it an intrinsic motivation or extrinsic? This is an important question and one that has confused many in the industry. It’s not difficult to see that doing something for the rewards is just the opposite at least in spirit of doing something simply for the love of doing it (intrinsic motivation). So when an activity or behavior is motivated by rewards, it is always extrinsically motivated. In other words, when rewards become the reason that drives someone to do some activity or behavior, they won’t be doing it purely for its own sake anymore. What Hertzberg says from about two factor theory? Identify as a number of fundamental needs achievement, recognition, advancement, autonomy and the work itself. Influences approaches to job design (job enrichment). Underpins the proposition that reward systems should provide for both financial and non financial rewards. Offering external rewards for an already internally rewarding activity can actually make the activity less intrinsically rewarding, a phenomenon known as the over justification effect. Also people are more creative when they are intrinsically motivated.

In work settings, productivity can be increased by using extrinsic rewards such as bonuses, but the actual quality of the work performed is influenced by intrinsic factors. If we are doing something that we find rewarding, interesting, and challenging, we are more likely to come up with novel ideas and creative solutions. People are more motivated when they pursue goals that have personal meaning, that relate to their self esteem, when performance feedback is available, and when attaining the goal is possible but not necessarily certain. Internal motivation is increased when something in the physical environment grabs the individual’s attention and when something about the activity stimulates the person to want to learn more. People want control over themselves and their environments and want to determine what they pursue. Intrinsic motivation can be increased in situations where people gain satisfaction from helping others and also in cases where they are able to compare their own performance favorably to that of others.

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