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This is to be a plan to apply visionary leadership to your church or Christian organization. If you are not currently in leadership of such an organization, write about an organization you anticipate or hope to lead in the future. The paper must adequately detail and explain the mission and purpose of the organization. Be sure to craft and explain the organization’s mission statement. The paper must also distinctly describe the focused vision of the church or organization. Also, explain how leadership will transfer this vision into the minds and hearts of those who make up the organization. Finally, the paper must specifically layout a clear strategy for implementing the mission, thus fulfilling the stated vision of the organization. The first section will be approximately 600 words and provide a clear explanation of the church or organization’s mission. A clear and concise mission statement mustbe included and explained. The second section will be approximately 600 words and articulate the mission-driven vision of the organization. It will also explain how to disseminate the vision amongst the people of the organization. The third section will be approximately 1,800-2,400 words and detail a clear and specific strategy for fulfilling the overall vision of the church or organization. The paper will be 3,000-3,600words (double-spaced), which excludes the title page, table of contents, and bibliography. The paper will have a minimum of 10 total citations with 7 of them utilizing all the required readings for the course and then additional materials as needed. The Final Project is due by 11:59 p.m.

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But most of all, you will gain far, far more by dealing with that frustrating prof/assignment/class-as-a-whole head-on than if you simply bail out. Look at sticking with the class as a selfish move, if you have to: Every day is one less day that you never have to see this prof, class, or topic again. Why on earth would you want to start over? Enough with my diatribe. I didn’t see Student the following week because I was attending a conference. In a week and a half, I hadn’t heard from Student. Again, Student was going to run the outline by me before recording with Crisis Student. My stomach is very wise. But my telepathic stomach already gave me my answer. There it was: The big, fat “W” next to Student’s name. Ironically, Crisis Student’s missing work was waiting for me in my Outlook in-box. I don’t remember saying much to my kids on the drive to their schools. They were too busy chewing fruit snacks. I was in a weak point.

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