Making Money With Facebook in 7 Easy Steps


For somebody who is interested in making money online, Facebook presents a number of money making opportunities. Facebook reportedly has about 29 million active users, which is a rarity among Web 2.0 companies. This active and huge community offers marketers, developers and business the chance to tap into its network of young and active crowd in a number of ways. This 7-step Facebook money-making scheme should guide you how to do just that.

Set-up. You need to prepare your business Facebook account. Select a catchy business name to make it appealing to visitors. In general, it is not ideal to use your personal account as your business account.

RSS feed. To add an RSS feed, you can enter RSS feed to the notes section of the template.

Sell. Sell. Sell. At this point, you can introduce Facebook people to the applications or products that you are selling. Applications such as Mozes’ TextMe have grown from this simple move.

Develop. Since you are now starting to sell, you need to tap a third party company that will provide you with an indirect source of fund.

Advertise. Advertisements, cross-promotion schemes and affiliate marketing are the most popular forms of advertising web pages or websites.

Consider Micropayments. Selling services or products via Facebook through micropayments can potentially increase your income for it assesses the premium products services that your business can deliver based on the purpose, size, demand and type of prospective buyers.

Invest and Get More Investment. If you feel that your business has got what it takes to make it big, you can apply for investments through Bay Partners who can invest more funds on your business.


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