Marijuana Legalization


There has been a heated controversy in the recent past in the media if marijuana should be legalized in the United States or not. Studies on marijuana have shown that marijuana is a preventive measure for several diseases. It is a beneficial plant normally termed as “herb” by most people. It is not a curative plant but it has chemical ingredients that the human body needs to curb several diseases that people spend a lot of money on to cure.

Marijuana should be legalized since it has proved to have a lot of health and social positive impacts on the human body. Some of the marijuana uses that can make people’s life healthier and more comfortable include: Research states that marijuana can be strained and the oil that would be sieved from the process if taken on a daily basis can eventually stop seizures. Pot had been used on a small girl who experienced more than 300 seizures in a week. The girl ailed from seizure-causing ailment known as Dravet Syndrome. Research has it that the medicinal value of cannabis can actually prevent the implications of cancer. According to Bill Rosendahl who was a councilman representing Los Angeles. Rosendahl became the first person in politics to accept that he smoked pot while still in office. He stated that he had a very severe cancer that seemed to reduce as he continued to smoke marijuana. He could not sit comfortably or walk around without somebody being besides him to give him a hand. As the pain and difficulties diminished, he accredited the cure to marijuana.

Taking marijuana once a while for autism patients is a good way to curb this mental complication. Marijuana is also said to have a zero annual mortality rate in comparison to other commonly abused drugs. Tobacco and alcohol being the commonly are said to kill thousands of users annually while minimal death-rates have been linked to marijuana. In addition to that, it pot does not have long-term effects on the users thus the users have a lifespan just the same as those who do not use or smoke. Glaucoma which is the causal ailment for blindness is also being prevented by use of marijuana. Pot smokers are unlikely to undergo fortune costing eye surgeries in relation to this disease.

Alzheimer’s disease seems to be one of the worst conditions that is causing mental deterioration amongst the aged people. Research shows that it is also among the ailments that can be prevented by regular use of marijuana. The chemicals found in marijuana have been found to be the best alternative for blocking the Alzheimer’s causal agents in the human body. For those people who experience Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) especially people in the military, marijuana is the antidote for this. Marijuana calms one’s brain thus the haunting flashbacks these people undergo as a result of wars are driven away.

Besides the healthy benefits from marijuana. It will help improve the economy of the United States too. Currently the US government spends more than $7.7 billion annually trying to enforce laws and campaigns on ban of marijuana. If this large amount of money could be saved, it could help improve the economy of the state. In addition to that, if marijuana is legalized and then taxed, it would earn the government roughly $6 billion every year. In total this could sum up to approximately $14 million.

With this and many more beneficial factors that marijuana has to the users and the economy at large, it is elaborate that the US government should look into the matter twice and think of legalizing it. This should be done with caution though, there should be strict laws and regulation to accompany the legalization. There should be regulation on overconsumption of marijuana since it can lead to health complications. Quality should be an issue of concern too so that people using it are assured of consuming something of good standard.

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