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How can I turn this around. Thank you for a great article. I am doing research for a nursing paper addressing changes in a pattern of thinking and how to apply it personally to my work area. I hope to return and read more! Paul33 – I am glad you enjoyed my HUB and I hope you read more of them. Thanks for your Secrets of Life. Very informative. I am sure it will give inspiration to many. Be useful with your life. Have respect for yourself. You are welcome Jynzly. 2012 will be better and more fulfilling for you. Thank you too Dr. B. Tollefson and more bessings to you in the whole year to come. Jynzly Thanks for sharing your process. It was very brave and authentic of you. Keep it up and reset your whole mind. Actually, what I did was telling myself “I, Jenny, am beautiful.” just like that in first, second, and third person. I wrote it every 8:00 a.m. It’s a wonderful life.

Jynzly – You are welcome. I am glad you saw positive results with the process of changing old thinking patterns. I have used this with other people and had the same positive results you did. It is a fact that when you think you are beautiful (or any positive belief), and accept it into your mind then it becomes true and new thought manifests its self in your life. Shifting to a new set of thoughts works and it is not hard. You just have to be consistent to install a new pattern. So true; I did it myself and the result is amazing. Not only do I feel beautiful but everybody would say I am beautiful when It used to be I was considered the “ugly duckling” among my cousins. Thank you Dr. Bill Tollefson, your hub is wonderful. Thank you for reading this HUB and writing your comments. I know it has been talked about for years and only we should do it.

People need to be taught a skill and then practice it. Consistency and hard work are operative words. Thank for your suggestions. Follow more HUBs. I have some good tips on others to help one change and get out of thought addictions. I like the idea of setting some time apart to reprogram your thinking. An entire industry has been built under the premis that by changing your thinking patterns you will change your life. People like Louse Hay and Wayne Dyer have been talking for years about basically the same ides all in their own unique language. From my own example, I can tell that changing one’s thinking is possible yet it takes time and effort. I use meditation, affirmations and auto-suggestions as tools to achieve possitive results. I will check out your book. Thank you for the hub. Hey Barbara B – Thank you for your validating comments.

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