Marketing Assignment Help


Marketing is the process through which the manufactured goods and services are made known to the public. In Marketing assignment, a student is asked to choose a target population or target market through market analysis and by grasping the consumer behavior. Thus, marketing proves as the link between a consumer’s material requirement and the supply of the goods.
Techniques of Marketing
• Target Market
• Market Planning
• Market Research
• Market Segmentation
• Customer Behavior

Types of Marketing
1. Affinity Marketing
2. Alliance Marketing
3. Ambush Marketing
4. Call to Action Marketing
5. Cloud Marketing
6. Community Marketing
7. Digital Marketing
8. Direct Marketing

Marketing Assignment Help
Topics Covered in Marketing Assignments
4p’s Marketing
7 P’s Marketing
5 C’s Marketing
SWOT Analysis
Pest Analysis
Pastel Analysis
Consumer Behavior
Marketing Plan
Strategic Marketing
Industrial Marketing
Competitor Analysis
Relationship marketing
Marketing supply chain
Marketing orientation

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