Marketing of Apple iMac laptop



Customer decision making is one of the most imperative components that provide critical impact on overall business operation. Therefore, the company have to make an innovative strategies and extraordinary products to attract the customers that will help to create competitive advantage in the market (Hopkins, 2012). In this particular context, Apple Inc product iMac laptop is taken under consideration and as marketing consultant the attractive strategy will be implemented that will help to achieve the targeted goal of the company. However, the consumer decision making process for purchasing of an Apple iMac laptop stages will be analysed and most importantly the effective process will be implemented that will help to increase the productivity of the company as well as help to maintain the market reputation globally (Kerin, 2009).

Stages of Customer decision making process for the purchase of Apple IMac laptop

The above may be implemented by the company to increase the customer base and that will help to achieve the targeted goal of the company because with the help of this particular information search approach the reliable information regarding the product and other similar products available in the market will be analysed properly (Meyerson.M, 2010). It is important to make the product extraordinary in terms of features and specification that will help to provide a unique identity in the market. Therefore, the customers will go for the best possible products available in the market. After that the post purchases evaluation individuals the feedback from the customers that will help in understanding the effectiveness of that particular product. Furthermore, it can be stated that if the above model is properly implemented by the company that will help to increase the rate of sale because the brand awareness will be developed.

The market segmentation, positioning, targeting and differentiation strategy must be undertaken by the company because the market competition is very high and to eliminate the risk of other similar products available in the market the innovative strategy of marketing will be implemented that will help to provide value to the customers. Therefore, the brand loyalty will be achieved and simultaneously the customer base will be increased that will help the company to generate the reliable revenue from the market (Mulin, 2006).

Depending upon the economical condition and target market demand and the reliable products will be delivered to the customer and it will help to create a competitive advantage over the arch rivals. The social media may be implemented for the marketing of iMac laptop because it is cost effective and efficient (Hopkins, 2012). Therefore, with the help of the above process the company will be able to establish a unique identity of iMac laptop in a particular target market.

Change in lifestyle and personality

The Apple iMac laptop provides enormous contribution to the individuals and it also changes the lifestyle and personality of individuals because of the unique features and attractive looks. The economical condition of the target market and high demand results in fulfilling the demand of the customer. Most importantly, the luxuries lifestyle is maintained. However, the enhanced marketing is achieved by implementing those innovative tools in several key functional areas because the product provides highly valued benefits to the target customers. On the other hand, due to diversified and innovative products the company is able to offer reliable products to the customers (Meyerson.M, 2010). Furthermore, it can be stated that the affordable pricing is also done by the company and the reliable profitability of the company is maintained and change in lifestyle and personality is also achieved.


The above report provides a clear and concise idea regarding the strategies implemented by the Apple Inc. to sale iMac laptop in specified target market. However, the effective pricing, per market segmentation and using social media as a marketing tool help in development of brand image in the target market. However, with the help of the strategies the desired output of the company is achieved.


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