Marketing Plan


Marketing Plan



Marketing Plan

Zam Technologies is a new company that intends to develop and sale website templates to clients across the world. The idea of developing the company came up after an extensive research through the internet that revealed the high costs that clients and companies incur in hiring website designers. In addition, some countries in the developing world still lack enough expertise to meet the ever-growing demands for technological services from small business organizations. The aim of the company is to develop website templates that clients can buy online and customize to fit their intended business purpose. The main strategy of this business is to cut the cost of Web design especially in developing countries across Asia and Africa. The new company intends to carry out extensive marketing campaigns across the target markets in order to sell the idea within a period of one year.

The development team aims to develop attractive website designs that feature all areas of business. The company has carried out extensive research through website businesses to determine what different companies integrate in their website designs. This information will be useful in ensuring that it provides designs that clients would like to buy. In addition, technology is rapidly growing to become more essential in the modern society. The field of business is among the most affected areas by the rapid development of technology. Nearly all aspects of business including management, marketing, promotion, and transaction handling require the integration of technology (Paley, 2005). Therefore, website templates are a product that majority of businesses and organizations must incorporate. Businesses need websites to promote as well as sale their products to clients across the world and therefore, marketing this product will not be

very difficult. However, the company will need a lot of resources and financial funding to make the business known to local companies and individuals in intended countries.

Research has also shown that business organizations are being forced to shift to e-commerce in order to reach more customers globally. Today, consumers prefer viewing, inquiring, and even purchasing goods and services through online platforms. This is because of the convenience and ease of use of internet services. Through the internet, customers can purchase and receive goods from the comfort of their homes (Taylor, 2007). Therefore, business should develop online platforms through which they can advertise their products and services, as well as sell to clients. For this reasons, the idea of developing website templates is likely to thrive in developing countries where customers and growing business cannot access this services at affordable prices.

The key strength of this company will be the price of the commodity. After research through the internet, we found out that the cost of designing a business or personal website ranges between $250 and $500. However, the business intends to develop re-salable and easy to customize templates that will cost $75. This will greatly cut the cost of website design. Therefore, there is a huge opportunity to attract thousands of clients in target countries. Another advantage of this company is its relative cost of set-up. The company will be operating online and will seek to reach majority of its clients through the internet. This will minimize the costs that the company will have to incur in setting up physical offices in different countries, offsetting the costs of running physical companies, such as rent, more employees, electricity bills, and numerous other bills.

The major threat for this business emerges from the existence of experienced and reputable organizations that already run the business. There are hundreds of companies and personal websites in the Internet that develop and sale website templates to clients. This will however, have little impact since most of the reputable companies are based in the United States and other developed countries (Paley, 2005). In addition, these companies and websites have done little to market their business to individuals and organizations across the world. The business plans to overcome this threat of competition through extensive marketing campaigns. Another critical challenge that will face the company is acquisition of experienced and skilled workforce to run the business. The company will have to compete with already established organizations to attract the services of experienced Web developers. Financial constraints will also be a major threat given that the company will have to invest heavily in attracting reliable employees and marketing the business. However, with the shift in technological demands in the business environment globally, the company will have an opportunity to gain more clients from the global environment. Another opportunity for this company is the rapidly growing number of small businesses especially in developing countries.

The marketing campaign will aim to reach middle income and start-up companies in developing countries. These are the major organizations being affected by the high costs of developing designs marketing their online business services. The campaign will target specific locations, starting from capital cities of identified nations. This is the region where most of the business in developing nations is concentrated. Targeting key cities in the marketing campaign will also allow the business to penetrate smaller markets.

The target market will be reached using three main marketing strategies: posters, radio and television adverts, and social media. Marketers will develop special messages to be sent to business organizations or individuals through social media platforms. The company will develop a social media page through which interested organizations and clients can view products, and communicate with the company directly. Social media is among the leading communication and marketing platforms. It is cost-effective mainly because companies spend small investments in communicating its message to millions of clients across the globe. The important aspects of marketing mix that the company will emphasize on are price and promotion. Keeping the price as low as possible will help cut Web development costs and provides companies with cheap alternatives for developing attractive, functional websites. The company will ensure to advertise the price of each of its templates which will vary from the size and content of each website. Promotion through electronic media, social sites, and posters will also be the primary strategies of reaching more clients. (Taylor, 2007)


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