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It is part of marketing management studies in various universities. Marketing plan is design upon result of marketing result. Therefore, it is required to know – how to perform market research, what aspects need to be research, researching about competitor’s strategy and formulate plans. Important topics covered in market research are defining goals. It also includes qualitative and quantitative analysis. Most of time, statistical analysis using various tools support effective market research. SPSS is helpful in market research.

Topics On in Marketing Research
• Data Analysis-
• Ethics in Marketing Research
• Marketing Intelligence
• Marketing Research Marketing Situation Analysis
• Marketing strategy Design
• Questionnaire Design
• Research Methods
• Research Proposal
• Sampling
• Value of Market Research
• The Need for Market Research
• Types of Marketing Research.
• Action Marketing
• Preparing Marketing Research Regression Analysis.
• Conjoint Analysis
• Factor Analysis
• Principal Component Analysis

Our writers are well vast in SWOT, Porters five forces, McKinney’s 7S, PESTLE analysis and conduct or evaluate the market research which is mandatory for marketing regarding new product development. We conduct Qualitative and Quantitative research and other observational methods and marketing designs for your assignment.
Characteristics of Organization Culture
1. Risk Orientation.
2. Attention to
3. Achievement
4. Fairness Orientation
5. Collaboration Orientation.
6. Competitiveness.

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