Marketing to Oil & Gas Companies

Sound familiar? -‘How to market your company in a business downturn’ or ‘The Top Things to Do now to Gain an Advantage in a Down Economy’ or ‘Marketing that actually Works in a Recession’.

It appears wherever you look these days someone is offering a secret formula for promotional strategy, B2B lead generation or lead nurturing in a down economy. So, what must you try? Are any of these fresh articles basically useful?

The funny thing is though some of the surface outlines of these ‘new’ rules or tactics appear engaging they are often repackaged golden rules that should never be ignored in your promotional programs.

These time tested basics ring true in any economy :

-Value – concentrate on delivering business worth to your purchaser – know thy audience

-Clarity – obviously articulate your message in their language (i.e. Address their pains and challenges, not just your solution features)

-Call-to-action – describe distinct and compelling reasons for responding to your message (a good marketing messaging refresh with your team can produce some forcing items)

-Quality List – the core foundation to any successful campaign

-Measure – assess results, make adjustments, and steadily improve

For the next few posts, I will tackle some of the most frequent things we are chatting with our clients about.

This post, our main subject is – It all starts with a list

irrespective of what your promoting – lead generation or nurture marketing, the comprehensive foundation of your campaign is THE LIST. Bought lists, custom list building – it is irrelevant – if the list isn’t solid, your campaign is going to be less effective.

Limit Bad info – It’s hard to disagree. If you have bad data in your list ; if you have contacts that are not your decision makers or influencers, the message is falling on deaf ears, or in boxes.

Have a Plan – consider your processes for obtaining new contacts and keeping up the accuracy of the contact information over a period of time. Additionally, when you are ready for it (especially if you are using marketing automation or other eMarketing solutions or services), start segmenting your list into groups of importance – industry, areas of interest, role within their company, and so on. So you can send the most relevant communications feasible to your assorted audiences.

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