Math Homework Help From The Internet


My professor gave us this math homework hoping that by understanding this problem will help us in appreciating the usefulness of math:

A clown fish named Nemo met a school of fish and said: “hello there a hundred fishes!” The leader of the group answered: “If you count us, we can not reach to a hundred. However, if there were as many of us and there are as many more and half many more and quarter as many more and you, Nemo, also swam with us, then there will be a hundred of us.”

If you were asked how many fish are there in that school of fish, will you be able to give the correct answer? Well, if you are going to ask me, I would rather read a book than solve this problem.

Mathematics. Every time I hear that word, it really gives me the chill. I mean, ever since I was a kid, I have a problem with solving word problems. When the math teacher starts to write something on the board, I always end up more confused than what I was. My classmates then immediately dive into looking for answers while I just wait for them to give me their answers.

I am not really sure where I got this terror of math, but I think it is partially caused by the environment that I am living with. My parents’ work did not really have to do much with numbers. My mother is a sales representative and my father works in an advertising company as a photographer. Perhaps, the only mathematics that my mom had ever to perform was adding the sales while my father simply counts the number of pictures taken. And that’s all about it, nothing more. Thus, developing in such an environment where math is not really discussed, my development and ability to solve mathematical problems were not really developed, hence, my constant fear of math.

Even when it is about math homework, I can not really rely for help from my parents especially if it comes to problems involving some higher math topics, including integral calculus. I am not saying that they do not know mathematics it is just that they have not used it that much all this time. Hence, I have to use other sources such as tutors, friends, classmates, and the good old library to get that math homework help I need.

Before, the appropriate resources was tedious and sometimes expensive, especially if we are to consider hiring somebody to privately mentor us. However, with the information and possibilities offered by the internet, getting math homework help is no longer an issue.

A lot of math homework websites offer a variety of articles and tutorials which will really help a struggling student in coping up with mathematical challenges. Some of the websites even offer live online tutorial, but at a certain fee. Just think of them as your virtual teachers. With the internet at hand, you really have countless possibilities. You might not be able to find appropriate help from your parents but you will surely find some online. And by the way, the answer for the fish problem is thirty six. Obviously, I found the solution on the World Wide Web.


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