MBAchase has collaborated with veteran Admission consultants and B-school graduates to create a proprietary Spider Success Plot that visually depicts your B-School relevant profile. The spider plot profile helps candidate ‘clearly’ see their strengths and weaknesses with respect to important B-school admission parameters. The Spider Success Plotter is a free service provided by MBAchase to B-school aspirants.

Some of the parameters of the Spider Success Plotter are:

  • Academic Qualification
  • International Experience
  • Diversity
  • Leadership
  • Other factors highly correlated to successful admission profiles

The Spider Success Plotter processes information provided by the candidate via submissions on the website. The information is analyzed in depth and a value is firmed up for more than three dozen internal success parameters. The proprietary software provides a spider plot output based on quantitative values and weightage / importance of the responses. The final result is displayed alongside 7 most important success parameters through a visual spider plot.

In addition to the spider plot analysis, a candidate is provided an analysis of personal strengths and weaknesses. In case of weaknesses, MBAchase provides potential ways to deal with weaknesses and hone strengths (if candidate has time to improve before application deadline). This includes suggestion on how to write admission school essays in a manner that the weaknesses don’t impact the candidate’s profile adversely. MBAchase responds to any follow –up questions of candidates free of cost.

The Spider Success Plotter B-school Admission profile evaluation is free service. Please visit for more details. Here is direct link to Free profile evaluation:


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