Mission Trip Presentation

The Mission Trip Persuasive Presentation is one in which the student describes a hypothetical ministry in an international setting, to a real group of people. A successful, persuasive presentation will follow the three-point outline below and will cause the viewer to want to go on the trip and believe that they could make an impact. Prepare 15-25 slides that follow this outline:


1) Who We Are sets out the philosophy of cross-cultural ministry and explains how you believe Christians should relate to different ethnicities.


2) How We Work discusses how your ministry takes into account the local market place and how your style of leadership will be evident. Will you give away shoes or will you teach shoemaking? Will you give away food or will you help the people to grow food? Is there a way to provide resources or are there resources that the local people could harness? (Review the websites of Food for the Hungry, Operation Blessing, Samaritan’s Purse or other international ministries for ideas.)


3) Where We Go will provide research about the selected group of people and the location of the hypothetical mission trip. Anticipate questions of transportation, costs, food, vaccines, passports and visas. Include information regarding the length of the trip, time of year, living arrangements, language accommodations, etc. Present this information in a persuasive manner.