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This will prevent it from falling off the surface and it will also prevent the microscope from catching on clothing as people in your science class walk by. Clean lenses using approved lens wipes. Don’t use paper towels as these can scratch the glass lenses. Don’t force the adjuster knobs. If they are sticking check their position and make sure that they are not up against the slide. What kind of microscope do you need? High power or compound microscopes magnify thin specimen sections that are mounted on slides. They are ideal for observing tissues, cells, protozoans, and other microscopic matter not visible to the human eye. Most homeschool families will need this type of microscope. Low power microscopes are very versatile with typical magnifications of 10 to 40x. These microscopes are designed for viewing whole objects like rocks, insects and flowers, but can also be used for viewing prepared slides. They are helpful for natural science students and are especially ideal for young children because a slide can be viewed without presenation.

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