Most Popular Office Pens


We use many types of pens in our daily lives; from jotting notes to in journals or just day-to-day paperwork. There are many brands of pens to choose from, and this article will discuss some of the best office pens available in the market today.

Waterman Ball Point Pen

One of the most reliable of office pens in the market, the Waterman ball point pen is considered one of the best and used in thousands of offices around the world. Made with advanced technology precision, this office pen has an ideal weight balance and a very good grip. The color of the ink has good clarity and  writing  with this apparatus is always a breeze. The Waterman Ball Point Pen has a refined style and feel, and is a good choice as it’s also very durable.

Pilot Dr. Grip LTD

This gel ink pen does not come  cheap , it is about $10 for one, but its attributes are wonderful; and this is the high-end pen for any office, usually used by executives and top level management members. The LTD, although a gel pen, (which is known to leak on occasions) is completely dependable and almost always turns out smudge proof. The grip is almost perfect and the ink flows like silk on  paper . The color of ink is very dark but still possesses great attributes.

BIC Intensity

This is another type of popular office pens which utilizes a gel-based ink. This  writing  apparatus glides smoothly, albeit having smudging capabilities if used on  papers  with glossy surfaces. Overall, this is a dependable and inexpensive pen with an impressive time life.

Waterford Killbarry Guilloche Rollerball Pen

This is tehnically not the run-of-the-mill office pen, but has to be included for various reasons; one, it is made out of sturdy brass and accented with platinum facets. It is wonderful to get this work of art as a ten year anniversary work present from colleagues or the boss. When used, the Waterford Killbarry relays an exquisite texture and a luxurious feel. The ink is quite dark, but appears very clear and precise on  paper . It does somewhat resemble an antique fountain pen with no cushion or grip. This is a pen used for signing documents and not for everyday  writing .

Uniball Jetstream Premier

This is another office pen of choice for many Companies. This roller ball pen writes evenly and has a reliable ink flow due to a good cartridge. The Uniball Jetstream Permier has a pliable and silent clicking action; not annoying like many similar retractable versions. It works well for document-writing and has a good shelf-life. The design is quite intelligent but the grip is something that needs to get used to. This pen is definitely for those who do a lot of writing, like reports and documenting.

Pentel Tko

This is quite a reliable office pen and has been used for awhile in many places. The shape is tapered with a clear shaft so the ink levels may be observed. Comfort grip is good and easily controlled. The ink color runs smooth and this is inexpensive to boot.


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