Public speaking is an extremely important skill. Whether you are interviewing for a job or delivering a presentation in front a jury it is important to speak well. The 60 Second Speech assignments will prepare you for those situations. For the first 60 Second Speech, imagine it is 20 years into the future. The year is 2037. Most of you will be in your early 30’s. Think about the career you want to have at that point. You will need to conduct some research about that job and prepare a short presentation based on that job. You will pretend as though you are delivering your speech to a group of middle school students on Career Day. Students will research some information about their desired career. Students will need to use the Bureau of Labor Statistics website for some of their research. 2. What that career does. 3. Salary and benefits of that career. 4. Role of technology in that career. For Example: 1. Mechanical Engineers require at least a 4-year college degree. 2. Mechanical engineers research, design, develop, build, and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, including tools, engines, and machines.

83,590. Many mechanical engineers also receive health, dental, and vision insurance. Some engineering firms also offer retirement plans, vacation hours, and sick leave. Some also provide flexible working hours or the ability to work from home via a computer. 4. Computers are used to help create almost all of the designs a mechanical engineer would make. Some mechanical engineers can also work from home using a computer. Technology such as X-rays and sonar can also be used to test designs for safety issues. Using this information you will need to plan and write a speech that should take 60 seconds to present. Usually, five to seven paragraphs is required to discuss all of the required information. When planning and writing your speech please make sure that you: 1. Introduce yourself to the audience. 2. Tell the audience what your topic is. 3. Discuss and explain the required information that you found while researching. 4. Thank the audience at the end.

You are required to have a hard-copy of your speech when you present. You can either print it out OR write it down on index cards. Students will also create a PowerPoint to present along with the speech. 1 of every 60 Second Speech assignment is DO NOT READ DIRECTLY FROM THE POWERPOINT. The PowerPoint is meant to be a visual aid for the speech, not the focus of the presentation. Your PowerPoint should include the following slides: 1. TITLE SLIDE with NAME and TOPIC. Pro-Tips for Great Slides – Bullet points are usually better than sentences. No more than three or four bullet points per slide. Use a LARGE font so the audience can read it. Make sure the BACKGROUND and FONT COLOR contrast. No more than one or two pictures per slide. Keep sound effects and crazy transitions/animations to a minimum. Please click this link for a copy of the rubric. You may need to login to your DCPS account to access the document. A specific presentation order will be determined in class. Students will know at least one week before their scheduled presentation date. IF YOU ARE PRESENT ON YOUR ASSIGNED DAY AND DO NOT PRESENT, YOU WILL RECEIVE A ZERO. Students that are absent on their scheduled day will need to make-up their presentation during the next class period.

Your hub has many great suggestions on how to prime the idea pump. The best compliment I could get is that you were able to put my advice to use and you wrote a piece because of it. Thank you do much for letting me know. Now, I have to try to find it and read it. I am impressed with how you are able to pull ideas from the world around you. This is a skill I need to cultivate. I’ll have ideas but getting them to paper is another story. I’ve found this helpful and I’ve even written an article inspired by your piece. Your very welcome, enjoy your day. Rayne123: I’m glad you found my ideas about how to get ideas helpful. Every writer needs writing prompts once in a while. I appreciate your comment. Thanks for your comment, peachpurple. Magazines and newspapers are great resources. I just clipped an article from the newspaper on a topic that should make a great hub. 5858: Thanks for your comment and for voting up.

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