The challenge grade allows students to choose from various topics to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. Challenges award points based on their difficulty. Students can complete any challenges they want in any order they choose. May 25, 2018 is the last day to complete challenges. The list of challenges is listed in this blog post. Please check this post on a regular basis for updates. You will need your journal to keep track of your challenges. Please look at the picture below for an example. Your challenge log should look like this! Determine your IP address and geolocation information. Complete the notes from the Intro. Gaming Challenges can only be completed if you have no zero grades on classwork, homework, and projects. If you are currently missing an assignment, it can be completed for 25% credit at any time. Late work must be submitted via e-mail. Race Mr. Kelley in NitroType. Beat Mr. Kelley in NitroType.

Build a working roller coaster in Roller Coaster Tycoon: Deluxe. Successfully complete Another World: 20th Anniversary Edition. Successfully complete The Dig. Score 1,000 points or more in Atomix. Complete missions 1-5 in Astromenace. Win a game of Armagetron 3D vs. Create a playable, high-quality Doom or Doom 2 single player map. Create a playable, high-quality StarCraft multiplayer map that supports at least 4 players. Create a playable, high-quality Quake III multiplayer map. ] Reach level 31 with your character on ictMUD. ] Create a new zone for the ictMUD. Zone should contain the following: – At least 20 unique ROOMS. At least 5 new MOBS. At least 5 new ITEMS. Successfully complete the Game Design Project. Win the ICT 2017-18 Quake III 1v1 Tournament. MAY REQUIRE BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL TIME. Tournament will take place in May. Win the ICT 2017-18 StarCraft 1v1 Tournament. MAY REQUIRE BEFORE/AFTER SCHOOL TIME. Tournament will take place in May.

You have decided to run for President of the United States of America. Design and develop a campaign website for your run for President. Your website design should include the following: – The year in which you are running for President. The Constitution states you must be at least 35 years old to run for President. Presidential elections are every four years. Figure out what the first election is after you are at least 35 years old. A logo for the political party that you will represent. A Presidential picture of yourself. At least three campaign issues that you will address such as taxes, crime, or foreign policy. Your website development should include the following: – Proper use of HTML5. Advanced development skills such as , clickable images, lists, et. Use of CSS to implement contrast, use of color, and font selection. JavaScript for interaction with the viewer. Update the My Favorite Noun Project – Fix any errors with the My Favorite Noun Project you have submitted such as broken links, incorrect code, missing pictures, or non-working CSS.

Add any additional information you think will make your webpage stand-out as a high quality example of web design. If you feel that the project you already submitted is a high quality example please discuss it with me. If we can agree, you will receive the 250 points. Successfully install and then remove a DIMM. Successfully install and then remove a CD or DVD drive. Successfully install and then remove a power supply unit. Successfully install and then remove an expansion card. Successfully install and then remove a CPU. Make a working Cat5 network cable using the TIA 568B specification. Successfully burn a CD-R of data files. One CD-R per student will be provided free of charge. Write an original short story of at least 10 paragraphs. A well written, original story is worth 100 points. Successfully install an OS (operating system). Successfully configure a computer with dual-booting OS software. Complete any of the Blender Modeling Challenges. Complete the CodeAcademy Python course.

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