Some people believe that art should be separated from its context and admired solely for its artistic qualities. Others, however, feel that we should educate ourselves about art’s context and judge it with its history in mind. What is your opinion? Please write your response to the above asked questions in no less than 200 words.

1. Can we separate Wagner’s music from who he was, the ideals he stood for, and appreciate it for its artistic qualities? In other words, should Wagner’s music still be performed?

2. What about Bach’s St. John Passion? Unlike Wagner, Bach was NOT anti-semitic and we can prove that he had no intention in creating music with those ideas in mind, but some say that his intentios have nothing to do with the way this music affects us in the post-WWII society. Do you agree that Bach’s music should be censored because it has the power to offend others? Should Bach’s lack of malicious intent factor into our decision?

3. Finally, there is an enormous amount of music in popular culture that is offensive on many different levels. Do you agree or disagree with the existence of censorship in mainstream music? Why or why not?

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