If you recall some of the material we have covered in this course, you might remember that business is as old as civilization (10,000 years).   Civilization has had its ups and downs.  The downs we refer to as dark ages.  Those were times of ignorance and brutality.   Civilization has also had its amazing and glorious comebacks.   When that happens it is called a renaissance, because it usually means rediscovering and relearning all those things lost during the dark age.

Students have their dark ages and renaissances too.  Many take a long break from studying after high school.  When they return to school it is very much a renaissance.  This course especially is a renaissance.  I hope it has been a pleasant one.  We have covered the history of business, the philosophy of business, and we have explored it through the literature of civilizations’ greatest thinkers: not all of them, certainly, but some of the best.

In this, your last homework assignment, you need to describe your renaissance experience.  This is a rare opportunity to speak in first person in an essay.  All the other writing rules apply, but you may use first person in this piece.  Please think about all the interesting things we have discussed.  Some of it must have surprised you, some may even have provoked anger or frustration at the way the world seems to work.  Consider this, think about which topics moved you the most.  Describe them in three pages, roughly 750 words.


  • You must write a new essay from scratch, describing your renaissance.
  • It must read like an essay
  • Do not copy and paste work from your homework.
  • Do not list homework questions
  • Do not use bullets
  • Do not list vocabulary words
  • The essay must be minimum three pages, three paragraphs per page, single spaced, one inch margins, top, bottom,left and right.    At 250 words per page, this is a 750 word essay, pretty short.
  • Follow the Writing Style Guide below
  • Assume you are writing to someone who has NOT read the book.  Tell them what the topic is and use all the information you have already collected to write your essay.
    • First person is permitted, but the essay is not about you, it is about the material that moved you
    • No Second Person (you, your)
    • No Passive Voice
    • No Cliché’s
    • No Contractions
    • No jargon
    • No jigoism
    • No plagiarism.



  1. Select your own private Eportfolio Account
  2. Paste your Essay in your own private Eportfolio Account, Save it there.
  3. Return here and past a LINK directly to your Eportfolio Account article.
  4. Your essay will NOT be accepted if it is pasted here.
  5. Your essay WILL be accepted if the Instructor can access it directly by clicking on the link you provide.
  6. See the rubric for detailed breakdown of points to be awarded.  Points will be based on
    1. Use of Critical Thinking
    2. Use of New Vocabulary
    3. Demonstration of Reading Comprehension by use of quotations from sources studied in the course
    4. Punctuality
    5. Clarity, Style, Grammar

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